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Nightmare Fuel: Senki Zesshou Symphogear
  • The Transformation Sequence at the end of the first episode. Body Horror Up to Eleven: her very heart and blood vessels turning purple, thorns entangling with those blood vessels, and mechanical parts erupting and forcing themselves into Tachibana's body. The Glowing Eyes of Doom and the Slasher Smile make it all the more terrifying!
  • Tsubasa after her Swan Song. Good Lord...
    • It's back with vengeance in G, involving Maria's sister Serena.
  • In episode seven, Ryoko brings Hibiki in for a medical checkup after her battle with Chris. She reports to Hibiki that the fusion between the fragment of Gungnir and her body seems to be spreading, but assures her that there should be no negative side-effects whatsoever. This eventually turns out to be Blatant Lies, as we are later able to see X-Rays of Hibiki's body on a computer screen in Ryoko's office. What the examination revealed was this. GYAAAAAAH.
    • Disturbing as that image is, it still doesn't prove it's negatively affecting her. Though, given that Ryoko's The Mole, a Mad Scientist, and a sadist, she probably is lying.
  • Berserk Hibiki from episode 12.
  • A very early example: If the Noise so much as touch you, you disintegrate into ash, and as the main page (correctly) points out, it's slow enough that you can feel it happening.. It's an even more horrifically-specific application of Literally Shattered Lives.
    • The first episode even gives you two close ups. The second is particularly disturbing as it shows a young girl screaming and crying as she's killed by the Noise.
    Girl: "I don't want to die! I don't want to die! No!"
  • The Nephilim from G. Oh, god, the Nephilim. It's a humanoid creature with a taste for flesh, and is neither human nor Noise. Its crowning moment is biting and ripping Hibiki's arm off after she tries and fails to make it eat her fist.
    • At the start of the next episode, Hibiki somehow manages to top all that! Immediately, she becomes berserk again while grows a new arm, beats down the Nephilim with ease, and rips its heart out!
  • The ending sequence of season 1 is very chilling as it contains images of bodies that are missing limbs and decaying.(See Creepy Doll on the main page)
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