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Nightmare Fuel: Return to Oz
Rock King From Hell
Spoilers below.
  • The Wheelers in their introduction; Laughing Mad, human headed things with wheels that creak very loudly, complete with high-pitched calls. And their threat:
    "You'll have to come out eventually and when you do... we'll tear you into little pieces and throw you in the deadly desert!"
  • The head scene when Dorothy went to retrieve the Powder of Life from the 31st head of Mombi in a corridor of heads. When she finally opens the door and gets the powder, the head comes to life and says "Dorothy Gale" in a Creepy Monotone, then the other heads wake up to scream loudly as she runs away from the headless Mombi.
  • When The Nome King loses his temper and and becomes a huge one eyed giant intent on eating the main cast.
    • And shortly before that when he shrieks in rage at Mombi in an utterly inhuman voice, "YOU! LET! HER! ESCAPE!"
    • Furthermore, the death scene of the Nome King as he begins to decay rapidly after eating his one weakness, a chicken egg.
  • The Nomes themselves are demonic, but the scariest ones are the ones that reach out at the Scarecrow. But it is shot a first person perceptive; so it looks like they're trying to get you.
  • The Deadly Desert. It surrounds all of Oz, and if you touch even a toe in it, your body turns to sand. One of the Wheelers has this happen to him to demonstrate as Dorothy and company fly precariously over it in the Gump.
  • Outside of the more fantastic scares of Oz, there's the fact that Dorothy gets there after escaping a mental hospital where she was about to get electroshock therapy. Let me say that again: Dorothy, a little girl, was about to get electroshock therapy. It's made even worse if you know your history; electroshock therapy and even lobotomies were not unknown for children in early 20th Century psychological 'treatment'. And mind you, electroshock therapy can kill and there are many cases where patients actually died from the treatment; as for those who survive the torture, many are left with burns and are severely traumatised. You will be hard-pressed to find anyone alive who came out of the experience nonchalantly...
  • The Nome King's Death Trap of a game. He turns the Scarecrow into an ornament, hiding him in a huge room of bric-a-brac and instructs Dorothy and her friends to go in one by one. They have three guesses each to find the item the Scarecrow has become, and if they win they can leave without harm. What the Nome King doesn't tell them is that if they guess incorrectly, they themselves will be turned into ornaments. Dorothy figures out the Nome King's game, realising Ozians turn into green-coloured ornaments - and we see plenty of those during the opening pan of the room. So how many other Ozians have fallen for the Nome King's game?

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