Heartwarming / Return to Oz

  • When Dorothy hugs Tik-Tok as he sheds a tear of oil at the predicament of becoming an ornament.
  • The Nome King's Pet the Dog moment: comforting Dorothy as she cries about the loss of the Scarecrow. If you look closely at his face during this scene, he actually sheds a tear- of stone, albeit- indicating that for a moment, he felt genuine sympathy for her.
    • With this scene in mind, one almost has to wonder if his offer to let her out of the game and just send her home wasn't a ploy for manipulation, but a genuine offer.
  • Dorothy's farewell to Jack and Billina just before they enter the Ornament Collection.
  • Following the climax, Dorothy's sheer relief at seeing Oz restored and Tik-Tok returned to normal.
  • Pretty much any time Jack interacts with Dorothy. One scene that sticks out in particular is when he covers her with his vest while she sleeps and whispers, "Goodnight, Mom."
    • "Dorothy, may I call you Mom? Even if it isn't so?"
    • When Jack sees Ozma at the end of the film, he screams out, "MOM!" Both Ozma and Dorothy look up. It's simply adorable.
  • Dorothy's reunion with her aunt, uncle, and Toto.
  • It's easy to miss, but during the parade at the end, the Wheelers can be seen in the crowd.