Nightmare Fuel / Rescue 911

  • This program contains true stories of rescues. ALL OF THE 911 CALLS YOU WILL HEAR ARE REAL
    • To elaborate: Every phone call has the voice of a terrified human being who, as they speak, is fearful that they're about to die, or that they're about to watch someone else die. Often they've just been the victim of a crime, or dangerous accident. Sometimes it's a random stranger calling for help for someone else. These are not actors, and this is not make believe. This is what people sound like when they're frightened, desperate, in pain, and unsure if they'll be alive much longer.
  • You know that part at the beginning of the opening credits, when the camera pans through a kitchen and finds a prone body? The footage was from a Cops-style Real Life documentary from the first season, and that's a real murder victim. There is a corpse in the opening credits.
  • Imagine being 13 years old and home alone, and all of a sudden, BAM! A scary chick (nicknamed "War Bitch") and her boyfriend break into your house.
  • Also a woman is stabbed at least 20 times while her daughter was on the line with 911.
    "What did he beat her with?"
    "A knife!!"
  • A mother is in the shower, and her three-year-old son innocently unlocks the front door upon hearing a knock—thus letting in a rapist.
  • In the episode with the crocodile in Africa, they don't actually say it quite yet...but you can see that the dad's arm is missing.
  • "Piggy Peril," where they show the fire gradually spreading and the pet pig wandering around trying to find a way out. Regardless of WHAT you think about pigs, that is fucking terrifying.
  • "Trailer Fire," where a woman is screeching about how her trailer home is on fire.
  • A man cuts his wrist with a woodsaw in "911 Woodshop Trauma."
  • "Bathtub Seizure." Just the line, "This kid is going to see his mom die."
  • "Runaway Boxcars," and the thought of what was going through the man's head as the cars hit him.
  • "Cave Divers," wherein four divers decide to explore a cave in a freshwater spring without proper training. One diver swims out, but the other three are trapped in the cave. Two throw off their gear and swim up to an air pocket, but the third doesn't make it. The person rescuing them mentions that when people are drowning in caves, they often throw their gear off right as they drown, and that he finds the bodies floating above them most of the time.
  • "Chocolate Chips," as it deals with a nut allergy. Nut allergies themselves are VERY freaking scary.
  • "Roller Coaster Rescue," where a teenager gets trapped and dragged under a roller coaster. You can see his leg hanging down in the recreation.
  • The episode where a convertible accidentally drove right under a semi
  • "Brush Fire Rescue," where a firefighter gets accidentally run over by a brush truck (a one-ton pickup with a water tank on the back). The paramedic responding was a friend of the firefighter, and in the one-on-one interview, he says, "I was afraid he wasn't going to make it." Paramedics run the risk of responding to friends in emergencies, but the tone of the medic's voice and the look on his face says he was truly scared that his friend was going to die.
    • Even worse, the firefighter's mother was the fire department's dispatcher. During the episode, she continues to enquire about the injured firefighter's status. The continued response was "10-9, dispatch." 10-9 is code for "I can't understand, please say again." They didn't want to tell her what was happening, because they knew who was on the other end of the radio. This just adds to the mother's worry, as she can draw her own conclusions as to what's happening.