Tear Jerker / Rescue 911

  • The episodes where people died.
    • Butane Huffing
    • Runaway Boxcars
  • The episode where a dog named Chewy was saved from a burning building. In the reenactment, when the room fills up with smoke, Chewy lies underneath a wagon after being unable to find a way out.
  • Fridge-Tear Jerker: The episode where the sister saved her younger siblings. One of the girls who talked to the camera was murdered in 2006, and one of their younger sisters evidently appeared on America's Most Wanted.
  • Along the same lines as above, according to his niece on YouTube, Deputy Duane Fuquay from "911 Baby Sitter Prowler" was terribly shaken by the incident, and took his own life five years later for unrelated reasons.