Heartwarming / Rescue 911

  • "Loggers Baby." A couple loggers notice something by the side of the road. When they check what it is, they find out that it's a bunch of blankets - and inside is a newborn baby.
  • "Bear Rescue." A bear wanders into town and is electrocuted. Her cub then comes looking for her. (It ends well.)
  • In one episode, some motorists and a highway patrolman stop to put a deer out of its misery after a car accident. Then they discover that the deer was pregnant, so they stick around to deliver the baby fawn.
  • In one episode, some kids call a friend (or are making prank phone calls), and accidentally call an old man who is having a heart attack. They proceed to stay on the phone with him so they can call the emergency phone service, as they lived in an area where they didn't have 911.
  • Any time a young child knows to dial 911 (either because s/he has been taught by parents or learned about it at school) and saves a life.
  • Jacqui Spoor, the dispatcher from "Teen Hides from Intruders", is heartwarming personified. As she stays on the line with Sharon to gather information, she speaks gently to the terrified girl and advises her throughout the break-in, treating her as a friend in a time of need and keeping her calm. During her talking head interview, Jacqui even reflects that she felt like it was like helping one of her own children crying out for help.
    • After all is said and done, Sharon and her parents have nothing but gratitude for Jacqui's help and kindness, and are seen giving her flowers during the episode’s denouement. Sharon in particular credits Jacqui with saving her life.