Nightmare Fuel: Florence + the Machine

And it's over, And I Must Scream
  • "Blinding" is a song with a pleasant scream at the start of it. A weird animal squeak and people laughing. Unnerving to say the least.
  • The syncopation in the piano in "Seven Devils" sounds like somebody playing bones, probably on purpose.
  • "What The Water Gave Me" has a creepily sparse production and, you know, the suicide thing.
  • "Kiss With A Fist"- just read the lyrics!
  • "Drumming Song" as noted before for it's sounding and actions indicating insanity and or suicide.
  • "Remain Nameless" is particularly creepy.
  • "Never Let Me Go" is a typical Florence song, complete with its topic of drowning. However, the music video shows Florence melting into a sea monster in the end, with a warped screen, foam forming around her, black ink spewing down her chin, and her going from apathy to agony. It borders on Tear Jerker.
  • "Hurricane Drunk" is an incredibly lovely, melodic song about someone left so distraught and despairing after a breakup that they intend to kill themself via alcohol poisoning.
  • "Seven Devils", the title should be enough.
  • "Girl with One Eye" - An Unreliable Narrator who's a rapist, and possibly a murderer, blaming the victim they abused. Claiming that the girl hurt the singer (rather than the other way around), and how their actions by cutting out her eye are justified. Florence's version sounds crazed and angry, while the original Ludes version sounds crazy and happy!
  • "Heavy in Your Arms" is possibly a song about a lover who murdered his significant other and then dragged her body to a river. Just take a look at the chorus!!!

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