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Funny: Florence + the Machine
  • Her show as part of Sydney's Vivid Live festival. Florence was drinking what looked like water between songs... and then she pointed to the glasses and said 'Straight vodka!' The audience (being Australian) naturally loved it, especially when she admitted that she'd written 'Cosmic Love' under her worst ever hangover. She later told them about a game she once played with her manager where they went through old press photos, going 'Drunk... drunk... hungover... drunk..."
  • "This is the part of the show when we do human sacrifices."
  • An Almighty Sound, her biography is absolutely hilarious. There's a ghost house within the first ten pages. "Because it wouldn't be Florence if there wasn't."
  • When she appeared on Spicks And Specks, she talked about her first band, The Toxic Cockroaches. She was the singer and guitarist (who didn't have a guitar), there was a bassist (who didn't have a bass) and a drummer (who actually did have drums). Someone said that they went one step past 'unplugged' and were actually uninstrumented.
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