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The song "Drumming Song" contains a metaphor within a metaphor.
According to this last.fm journal the song is a metaphor for the internal struggle between a woman's libido and her strict moral code disguised as an external struggle between paganism and christianity respectively.

Florence is of Italian descent.
Her middle name is Leontine.

The dog days are, in fact, not over.
The horses are just in her mind.
  • And the bullet too.
    • This could turn the entire song into a Sanity Slippage Song- she's been through some really terrible times, and she goes insane believing things are better because she can't take it any more.
  • Actually, it always came off as that to me.

Dog Days Are Over is about the apocolypse.
Why else would it sound so chaotic? It's like a modern day version 'It's the End Of The World As We Know It'.

The video for 'Drumming Song' is influenced by the video for 'Single Ladies'.

Dog Days Are Over is about a woman who falls in love (or lust) and ends up giving up her entire career and friendships to build her life around this relationship. It makes her happy in the short-term, but it destroys her whole life.

Florence is an Airbender.
How else do you explain her voice?

Drumming Song wants you to Vote Saxon.

That, or it's paging Rassilon...

"Breaking Down" is about Slender Man.
Take some of the lyrics for example:
I can see it coming from the edge of the room,
creeping in the streetlight...

Even when I was a child, I've always known,
there was something to be frightened of...

All alone, on the edge of sleep
my old familiar friend comes and lies down next to me
And I can see him coming from the edge of the room
smiling in the streetlight, even with my eyes shut tight...
"Dog Days are Over" is about the holocaust.

Florence ships Heavy/Medic
And just listen to the verse about the 'killer in the crowd' and tell me it isn't about the Spy! Clearly, what's actually going on in that song is one of the duo was replaced by the enemy Spy, who then drowned the remaining one...