Nightmare Fuel / Fate/stay night
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Ah, Fate/stay night. Kinoko Nasu comes close to H.P. Lovecraft in creating both Humanoid Abominations and Body Horror in his settings. The bad endings that you can get range from depressing and squicky to pure, undiluted Nightmare Fuel. Have fun sitting through forty bad endings to get 100% Completion...

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  • The first Game Over you can get is a doozy: simply put, you're reduced to a head and torso by Illya's Servant Berserker, cursed by Illya so that you can't die or lose consciousness unless your head is destroyed, and then taken captive to be tortured by her for eternity. And all because you chose not to be Saber's Master. Well, so much for free will. It happens because you don't have Saber to defend you, but as Illya cheerfully explains, she really just felt like doing it. The fact that poor Shirou is being reduced to a disembodied head doomed to eternal suffering for what is, essentially, Illya's vague whim just makes it a million times worse...
  • According to the narrative, Shirou is only connected to his lower body by his half-snapped spine after jumping in front of Berserker´s attack.
  • Day 15 Church Basement. Shirou finds the orphaned children from the fire ten years ago still alive, but had undergone severe Body Horror for the sake of providing Gilgamesh with mana.
    • Which is worse when considering Shirou was also one of the orphaned children from the fire and should have been taken with the rest to be handled by the church except that Kiritsugu offered to adopt him. Had Kiritsugu not made that offer or had Shirou turned him down, he could very well ended up as one of those poor souls in the basement.
  • The final episode of the anime starts off with a a blue screen, then turns into a black screen with a red kanji for die with an inhuman screech leading to a red screen filled with distorted humans in horrifically Deranged Animation.
  • The final confrontation with Illya starts off with her kidnapping Shirou, knocking him out with her Hypnotic Eyes. When he wakes up, he finds he's tied to a chair in Illya's castle and she tells Shirou to "be mine." While she is sitting on his lap enthusiastically, with the implication she's going to rape him, and in fact there was a sex scene planned that was thankfully dropped. The player has the option of saying no or giving an insincere "yes", while Shirou is scarred out of his wits, knowing that Illya is likely to kill him if she doesn't like his answer. Saying no continues the route, where Illya gets jealous and leaves to kill Rin and Saber. If Shirou says "yes" just to buy time to weasel his way out of danger, Illya's reaction is cute at first, until she realizes that Shirou was lying. Shirou learns the hard way that question was a magic where agreeing to Illya's request gave her control over him, and despite not meaning his answer, she got enough control over him to force him to agree to be hers and actually mean it. After this she has his soul taken from his body.

    Unlimited Blade Works 
  • Bad End 18, "Hypnos": A completely out of nowhere bad ending (caused by just asking too much about Caster) where Issei, under Caster's control, stabs Emiya and then slits his own throat.
  • Bad End 19, "Killer": The humorless, High School teacher, Kuzuki Souichirou happens to be an assassin trained since he was a child who specializes in killing with his bare hands. He's supposed to be retired, but he kills Shirou and Rin in a swift and brutal manner, without the slightest hint of remorse.
  • Bad End 20, "Hazy": Caster turns Shirou into a living wand for projection magic and Rin ends up mercy-killing him.
  • The way Gilgamesh kills Illya after killing Berserker has him piercing her through her chest with his hand and gouging out her heart. And as if that's not scary enough, he seems to enjoy the sight of her blood as well.
    • See below entry about Berserker? Gilgamesh pretty much effortlessly chains him up with Enkidu. What's the catch of that? See, Enkidu is a chain that gets stronger and stronger the higher the divinity staff of the person caught is. Now, Berserker is 1, the son of the top god of his mythology and 2, the great-granddaughter of said top god (it's... complicated), who 3, became a god himself after his death as reward for his extremely shitty life and as a second chance. Yeeeeeah. He had pretty much no way of winning that one.
    • The UBW anime makes it worse, as not only does he do this, but he also Eye Scream slashes out the poor girl's eyes as well!
  • Most of the Nightmare Fuel in this series comes from the sheer amount of Body Horror inflicted on people. For example, we have Smug Snake Shinji Matou getting horribly transformed into a living mass of flesh that's barely conscious, eventually becoming a vessel for The Corruption...
  • BERSERKER!!!! from the Unlimited Blade Works anime is horrifying. His power, speed and skill makes him seem invincible, doesn't help he's under the control of Illya.
  • In episode 8 of the anime, Shirou and Rin find the body of Rider (killed by Caster) mangled and crushed into a wall. If this wasn't bad enough, the body falls forward slightly, and Rider's head rotates a full 360 degrees.
    • To add an extra layer of horror, Rider's body fades away and the barrier she created disappears soon after this, implying she was still alive with her body in that state.
  • In Episode 9 (through we get a brief glimpse in episode 8), we get to see at the very beginning Shirou's body exploding into blades. Yes there's a reason for this, but still. The way it's animated is absolutely horrifying.

    Heaven's Feel 
  • The Makiri parasitic worms. Don't think about how, if you've had the comparative good fortune to be born male, they'll simply kill and eat you as that exactly what happened to Kariya at the end of FateZero . And especially don't think about how, if you're unlucky enough to be female, they'll eat you alive (ovaries first) while essentially raping you at the same time. Even more, don't think about how Sakura has had to spend practically every night for the last eleven years stuck in a room full of these things.... And this is JUST the backstory! These worms are PENISES with More Teeth than the Osmond Family. Death by Sex, indeed:
    Once swarmed by these lust worms, men will have their spine crushed, brain sucked, and will be made into a cripple. The worms will transform when attacking a woman, so that they are only able to violate her nerves. They will spread their tentacles all over her body and devour her spirit. The lust worms will wet the woman's skin with their mucus, excite and destroy her central nerves of pleasure, and satisfy their hunger. It must be their instincts, as the worms seem to love the woman's womb. They do not eat female flesh, but seek the organs within them. They give the woman huge enough orgasms to fry her brain, and they go into her body to devour her placenta. Unwilling to eat human flesh, the worms have only one way to get what they desire. As a result, the woman's mind and body are completely violated and destroyed.
    • Realta Nua's version of the worms are just as bad. While not looking like penises anymore, they now look like armored Alien chestbursters with a long thin horn on the tips of their heads.
  • The most disgusting scene with Zouken is where he sends worms after the drunk woman who has no idea what is going on while they devour her alive, and all the while there are these chewing noises.
  • Shirou's Dream Sequence. Initially it's probably the most attractive sex scene in the game featuring a Loveable Sex Maniac'd Rin, until the end of the dream where she opens her eyes, and her eyes are entirely grey with a square pupil and she's talking about devouring Shirou. The eyes turn out to be a Foreshadowing of Rider
  • One of the Bad Ends has Shirou run from Zouken in the Ryoudo Temple, when he suddenly falls over and discovers that running through the Lust Worms has made them quite literally eat his feet to the point where he can no longer walk. He is then horrifically eaten by the worms.
  • The "Superhero" ending on the ninth day. It involves neither a gruesome Cruel and Unusual Death nor an And I Must Scream scenario. It's often referred to as the "Mind of Steel" ending, and you reach it by choosing to kill your Love Interest rather than fighting to protect her thus becoming Kiritsugu. The last words are: "There's no need to talk about the obvious outcome. Emiya Shirou will turn his mind to steel, and become a superhero." The implications are... unsettling.
  • One of the most terrifying bad endings, "Layered curse of the Womb Realm Mandala", comes if you choose to stay behind in the forest while Zouken and Assassin are fighting Berserker. The Shadow will eat you from behind and make it seem to Shirou that he has only been temporarily blinded by something as he is bumping into things.
  • The final bad ending, "Femme Fatale". Sakura inflicts on Rin all the pain that she went through for eleven years... and Sakura describes to Shirou how Rin is screaming "I'm sorry... I'm sorry..." all over and over again...
    • Even worse, she gleefully inflicts the same fate on Shirou!
  • The worst Body Horror? Shirou during Heaven's Feel. Shirou, or rather Archer's reality marble, protects his body by creating blades in the place of bones and muscles. As a result of the issues that come with having Archer's arm grafted onto his body, Shirou's body is slowly invaded by Archer's reality marble until the blades start bursting out of his skin and making it difficult for him to even move. This should give you an idea how bad it really is. "I am the bone of my sword" indeed.
  • The concept of The Shadow, in that it is a Living Shadow that looks vaguely human that violently devours anything it comes into contact with, including Servants or even spells. Even worse is that it is a manifestation of Angra Mainyu, a Servant trying to be reincarnated as an eldritch abomination.
    • It's all the more scarier in the Nightmare interludes, as Sakura gets a first-hand look at the Shadow attracting people before smashing and eating the unwary victims.