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Nightmare Fuel: Avatar
  • The scene of Hometree being burned and brought to the ground. It's heartbreaking and terrifying at the same time, especially since it's inevitable that many Na'vi, including children, were killed.
  • Colonel Quaritch stabbing the Thanator got a bit... violent.
  • Banshees and Thanators and Viperwolves...As beautiful as Pandora is, it's home to some terrifying lifeforms.
  • When the Na'vi are shown losing the battle... that flaming direhorse...
  • What happened to Norm's Avatar. What really makes it freaky is when he's forced out of his chamber, clutching his heart, shuddering and breathing...
    • A deleted scene reveals that Wainfleet walks up to him and shoots him at point blank range with that massive gun of his. Imagine the outcome of that...
    • Even if Norm's Avatar had a painless and pacific demise (which he hadn't, but that's besides the point), poor Norm actually experienced death. Not a near death thing, but for a moment he felt how it feels to die. Think about it.
  • The scene near the end where Jake just about dies from asphyxiation after his link is broken and he's exposed to the open air. If Neytiri hadn't figured out what to do in time...
  • This didn't make it into the final cut, but in the draft of the script, Tsu'tey survives his fall out of the Valkryie Bomber. Wainfleet, loaded up in his AMP suit comes across him. He doesn't shoot him. He doesn't stomp on him. He brings out a knife, picks up Tsu'tey by the queue and slices it off at the base. Keep in mind that a queue is akin to a Na'vi's nervous system. Tsu'tey's screams are said to be agonizing. Make matters worse, he holds it up like a trophy.
    Wainfleet:' I hear this is worse than death for you, chief.
  • The scene where Neytiri tries to drag Jake's unconscious body through the forest while massive tree clearing machines roll towards them. Think about it: desperately trying to carry someone you just realized you love away from these machines that are so massive they are clearing away 20 ft tall trees like they were nothing. It's particularly heart wrenching to hear her screaming at Jake to wake up.
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