Heartwarming: Avatar

  • Quaritch, starting his speech on staying safe on Pandora, makes a promise that he will try his damnedest to get everybody home safe. It slips into tearjerker when he confesses that he will not always succeed.
  • Jake's boyish bliss as he finds out that he can walk and run in his Avatar body.
  • The entire Na'vi tribe joining hands during Jake's initiation ceremony.
  • Jake and Neytiri at the Tree of Souls, just before the battle
  • ...then afterwards, with Neytiri holding Jake's human body
  • Neytiri treats Jake's "feinting", and indeed the entire nature of his human/Avatar duality, more as a medical condition than anything else. The other Na'vi question whether he even counts as a person, and she's just like "dude falls down sometimes. Deal with it."