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  • Orangina is definitely known for that beach party known as a "furry orgy", which is true. However, lots of people like to associate the brand from that sole commercial, even though the commercials after that have been mellow and less revealing.
  • Oldsmobile attempting to appeal to young people with the tagline "This is not your father's Oldsmobile. This is the new generation of Olds.", which many criticized for abandoning the people who liked Oldsmobile before.
  • Aaron Burr is never going to live down fatally shooting Alexander Hamilton in a duel, among other things. But at least he never had to deal with having his name hilariously mispronounced as "Awun Buhh" by a radio-show contestant with peanut butter sticking to the roof of his mouth...until a certain immortal "Got Milk?" TV ad of the 1990s, that is.
  • McDonald's is having a tough time living down its "I'd hit it" ad campaign. Apparently, whoever came up with it didn't know "hit" was a slang term for "to have sex with" until it was too late. It's now looked at as a learning experience for what not to do in sloganeering.

  • The following joke is the former Trope Namer for Bestiality Is Depraved, and distills the essence of this trope more than any other joke:
    A young man is walking through a small village one day and decides to stop by a bar and have a beer. He walks into a bar, and sees a grizzled old man, crying into his beer. Curious, the young man sits down and says, "Hey old timer, why the long face?"
    The old man looks at him and points out the window, "See that dock out there? I built that dock with my own two hands, plank by plank, nail by nail, but do they call me McGregor the dockbuilder? No, no."
    The old man continued, "And see that boat out there? I've been fishing these waters for my village for 35 years! But do they call me McGregor the fisherman? No, no."
    The old man continued, "And see all the crops in the farms out there? I planted and have been farming those crops for my village for nearly 45 years! But do they call me McGregor the farmer? No, no."
    The old man starts to cry again, "But you screw one goat..."
  • In a similar note is the line from a stand-up routine of "nobody ever compliments me on the times when I wasn't a cannibal."

  • The Italian Pokémon-themed magazine Pokémon Worldnote  had its highs and lows, but everyone in the Italian Pokémon fandom remembers them mostly for that time when, because of a copypaste goofnote , they said that Rayquaza is found by fishing in Evergrande City with a Super Rod.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • For Better or for Worse was a fairly realistic, well-written comic strip back in its early days. However, the later years of Seasonal Rot and Creator Breakdown are now what it's mostly known for.
  • It's not unusual to come across people referring to Mallard Fillmore as "Drunk Duck" due to creator Bruce Tinsley's two DUI arrests in 2006. It doesn't help that he spent years making fun of Ted Kennedy for his drunken antics (which he suspiciously stopped after the news of his DUI came out), and that he later did a Take That! to the judge that sentenced him in the strip.


  • Tends to happen fairly frequently in Survival of the Fittest, as some handlers sometimes make jokes about characters based on something they only did once. This includes Reiko Ishida dropping her bread, Charlene Norris putting an implausible amount of jello shots in a certain area, and Jay Holland and his PANTIESPANTIESPANTIES.
  • Five years ago, during an ordinary battle on Neo Pokeforum, one of the arbiters had a player's torchic taken away and given to his opponent. Despite the time that passed since then, the fact that this arbiter left the forum for a long time and the whole administration is brand new, the player in question still won't forget this and won't let anyone else forget it either.

  • Internet Explorer's reputation is built around the security holes that were discovered in the sixth revision (the one that launched with Windows XP). Since then Microsoft has made great strides to try and make it better and by the tenth revision (the version in Windows 8), many critics are trumpeting their success in building a capable and modern Internet browser. However, people still bash it to this day under the perceptions that are now over a decade old; even its successor Edge got dragged down by IE's abysmal reputation. Windows also suffers from this.
    • Among the more tech saavy, IE's improved security was acknowledged... And replaced in scorn by the lack of modern features touted by its competitors (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, primarily) and the slow, lackluster adaptation of what features they did adopt like tabbed browsing (added years after they were standard in other browsers) and add-ons (which mostly came in the form of IE's infamous toolbars).
  • The iOS official Maps app in iOS 6, which was notorious for, among other things, getting streets and locations completely wrong, satellite images with fluctuating quality (and sometimes, completely nonexistent images!), terrain rendering that does everything from warping buildings to making Eldritch Locations out of cities, among other things. Although these issues have mostly been corrected since, people will always remember iOS Maps as "that map app that gets everything wrong."
  • The GoAnimate animation program will never get away from the fact that a vast majority of the videos before the move to business-oriented ventures (which happened to be caused by said videos) was nothing more than childish videos of Caillou or Dora the Explorer getting grounded grounded grounded grounded for 1234567898543 years, no matter how much creator Alvin Hung tries to delete and remove everything that led to it.
  • At least in part thanks to a lawsuit over a forced upgrade bricking a desktop for all intents and purposes, Windows 10 will forever go down in history as "that Windows version that Microsoft is pushing on Windows 7 and 8(.1) users". Even people who would otherwise call it a good version of Windows (i.e. if they voluntarily upgraded) tend to have a violently negative opinion of 10 as a result of being nagged and later forced to upgrade.

  • The title character of Hamlet is well-known for being indecisive and angsty, spending scenes contemplating his navel instead of doing something. It's gotten to the point where "he's a Hamlet" means "he's indecisive." But in the actual play, Hamlet acts stupidly rash just as often as he acts stupidly timid, most notably when he kills Polonius. Which means...
  • Götz von Berlichingen will forever be remembered solely as "that play where the guy says 'kiss my ass'". But then again, when Mozart did a proto-Filk Song (No, seriously) consisting entirely of quoting said line, what else can you be remembered for?
  • Regardless of its actual merits as a piece of theatre, Tom Taylor's 19th century screwball farce Our American Cousin is doomed to be forever remembered as the play that Abraham Lincoln was watching when he was assassinated.

  • Transformers
    • Ask a fan about the Generation 2 line and the only thing you'll hear about (after maybe the hilariously bad rapping in some of the commercials) is how awful the color schemes were. Despite this, the only really garish designs in G2 were the repaints of G1 figures (and even then, characters like Starscream, Optimus, Jazz, Inferno, the Constructicons and Sideswipe weren't especially garish outside of some funny decals), a couple Go-Bots, and various figures that weren't actually from ''G2'', but instead from the tail-end of ''G1'' (Action Master Thundercracker, Omega Spreem). You probably won't hear about how G2 was the line to introduce fully-articulated figures or now-ubiquitous gimmicks like light piping.
    • Gold Parts will always make fans uneasy. Gold Plastic Syndrome became infamous; it's when the gold colored plastic in many toys from G1 up to Beast Wars was extremely brittle due to the chemicals that went into making it. Today fans are still uneasy around gold parts in toys even with the use of stronger gold plastic and in some cases the gold being paint rather than plastic.

    Web Original 
  • 1-up (Homestar's 20X6 counterpart) loves pudding, due to one line in a cartoon saying "I want pudding!" after Stinkoman offered to share a pile of pudding he found.
  • Somewhat toeing the line between this and Flanderization is Open Blue's Espartano unit. Originally, it was supposed to be of all ages and both genders, but due to the fact that one RPer kept on cranking out badass young girls, the idea that it is an Amazon Brigade has stuck to the other regulars. Consequently, this has resulted in one regular creating an entire squad of them, as opposed to the usual single independent operatives. The line blurs between this and flanderization because each new character/group of characters added technically counts as canon unless declared otherwise.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, Mako Tsunami once threw a harpoon at someone. This got him the permanent moniker "Freaky Fish Guy." In his second appearance, he harpoons two more, but at least Joey seems to have talked him out of doing it again.
    • Kaiba is also known as the guy who says "Screw the Rules, I Have Money!!" In entirety, Kaiba said that in episode 1. He used variants on many episodes ("Screw the rules, I have green hair!" and such), but does not use the catchphrase on every single episode as some would say.
      • Lampshaded in Episode 44 - After Ishizu calls out various characters for being vessels for catchphrases, Kaiba for the aforementioned one, he responds "Haven't said that in years".
    • Coupled with Noodle Incident in one of Marik's Evil Council videos:
    Bakura: Marik, have you been using your Millennium Item as a bong again?
    Marik: No! And it was one time! Let it go, already!
  • Several for the current and past members of That Guy with the Glasses.
    • Film Brain will never live down criticizing Equilibrium.
    • In lighter examples, even though she's been knocked unconscious more often, The Nostalgia Chick will always be known for chloroforming the Critic and the Critic himself will never be able to forget wearing Guyliner.
    • Also, for Doug, Melvin, Melvin, Brother of The Joker.
      • The Nostalgia Critic's panning of Mako in TMNT. He even invented a running gag out of it.
      • Nor his leaving Optimus Prime's death off the list of 10 saddest moments.
      • Doug really dislikes the "Bat Credit Card" for three main reasons: 1) It shorts out his voice. 2) He didn't feel like the Batman & Robin review was all that good. And 3) certain fans expect him to do it constantly.
      • More seriously, the Forced Viewing podcast he was a guest on. He didn't see any of the films so had nothing to contribute, his first line was asking for more booze, his jokes were about him torturing people and stuffing them in the fridge, being a suspect in pedophilia and making light of child abuse, he mused to a friend (who saw his friend get shot) that it'd be interesting to see someone commit suicide, and he disappeared after giving a very measured explanation of mental illness that involved clinging onto teddy bears.
      • At a Connecticon 2013 panel, he gave into pressure, got down on all fours, and sucked a sugarcube out of a random fan's hand. It's hard to imagine anyone who could live that down.
      • Despite a whole video addressing the fallout and moments of praising the show's dramatic moments, a great many Adventure Time fans are not going to let Doug live down his intense focus on the Ice King's glasses in the "Holly Jolly Secrets Part 2" v-log anytime soon. On a similar note, Jori (one of Doug's co-reviewers in the logs) is probably not going to live down her less than savory comments with regards to Princess Bubblegum's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Ricardio in the "Lady and Peebles" video anytime soon either.
    • Angry Joe has his embarrassing interview with Geoff Knighly at the Spike Video Game Awards.
      • Another of Angry Joe's moments that could be classed as this are his two Angry Rant towards Nintendo and their Creators Program.
    • Allison Pregler has her feud with Spoony that stemmed over a rape joke he made to JesuOtaku, although contrary to his Vocal Minority Fan Dumb's belief, this did not get him fired from TGWTG, and Lupa and Spoony have publically apologized to each-other for the feud and letting it get out of hand so quickly.
    Events from the past year have left a lasting mark on me and it's something that's likely to follow me for a long time. It's easy to say I'm being over-dramatic, to just let it slide, but it wears on you, to hear what an awful person you are for a year, to have people follow you wherever you’ve touched, to try and get that last dig in. It's hard to have so called vigilantes follow you around to dole out justice for a situation they know none of the facts on, for something you didn't do.
    • Pregler's controversial firing from Channel Awesome, followed by Phelous's resignation, is often seen as one for the site. The way the feud broke out over her not answering an IM and the difficulties she had with monetizing her videos lead many to accuse CA of severe mismanagement of their employees.
    • Spoony himself has that time when he told his fans to go out and murder any fans of Final Fantasy X before stating he would do it himself. While he does express regret for saying this, there are still a lot of people who aren't about forgive that gaffe anytime soon.
    • Oancitizen has his "I really fucking hate Rants" (Rants being the former owner of a post-secret style blog for TGWTG) line in the Sh*t TGWTG Fans Say video (which was removed after the backlash caused by the comment). He did apologise repeatedly to Rants for the video afterwards, though.
    • Todd in the Shadows will never live down liking Katy Perry
      • Although this is nothing compared to putting a Flo Rida song on his Top Ten of 2012
    • A lighter example would be Phelous' Running Gag of dying in his videos. Despite him retiring the joke after fifty episodes and avoiding it ever since, it's arguably his best-known joke, to the extent it was the main hook for his character in To Boldly Flee.
    • Brad Jones accidentally punching Obscurus Lupa in the face while filming a team-up review. She immediately realized it was just a freak mistake and didn't hold anything against him, but that didn't stop (mostly good-natured) jokes about it.
    • JesuOtaku had made several posts before becoming famous that displayed a shockingly homophobic attitude, which were dug up afterwards. He quickly clarified that he's grown out of that phase, but his hatred of characters like Utena Tenjou and Avatar Korra, as well as naming Fullmetal Alchemist his favorite anime (given that the followup series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was widely praised for better treatment of its female characters) means that many fans have a hard time forgiving it.
    • During an unboxing video with his fiance Viga Gadson, Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug recorded a three-hour video—without the microphone being on. In the 30 minute one that he uploaded that did have sound, it opens with Viga coming up with different ways to tell Lewis "Fuck you" for forgetting and the following videos have a running gag with letters telling Lewis to check the mic to see that it's on.
  • Even with the aforementioned incidents above, Doug Walker is still known by the Internet community as a pioneer of the Internet reviewer genre and online entertainment for creating The Nostalgia Critic and his other characters. To just about everyone outside the Internet community, though, he's "the guy who quit his job in a funny way," because of the video of him quitting with a boom box and "I QUIT" on his chest that went viral and is used every time a news outlet wants to do a piece on people leaving jobs.
  • Chad Rocco hasn't (and probably won't be considering his own stance on this) been forgiven for bashing, criticizing, and insulting MLP: FiM despite being a fan of the past. It doesn't help that he seems to get kicks out of criticizing and mocking his original respect for the show just to get a rise out of the bronies. It's sadly resulted with his fanbase being split into those who agree with his opinions or those who roll their eyes at his constant attacks, which come off as his attempts for attention.
  • In Slate Magazine's Culture Gabfest podcast, the Enforced Plug(s) for sponsor almost always involve a reference to movie critic Dana Stevens spilling chai or coffee on someone's laptop.
  • ProtonJon said "MOVE!! FASTER!! POKEY!!" in his Let's Play of Kaizo Mario World all of once. Look around the internet and This Very Wiki and you'd think he shouted it out all the time. Even he's gotten a bit tired of it.
    • Similarly, Chuggaaconroy regretted bringing Steve the Trooper into the world of Pikmin since the fans decided to make a Facebook fan page for him. He had originally only singled out Steve as "the one we were not going to like", only calling him a trooper once in a later episode.
      • He probably isn't going to forget the Calibrary Cuff incident anytime soon.
      • Or the Runaway Guys playthrough of the Mario Party 6 board where he innocently made a huge stream of innuendos about Daisy. It started with 'Should we do Daisy on hard (difficulty)?' and got worse from there.
    • In the context of Retsupurae, it seems slowbeef and Diabetus will never let ProtonJon forget that he was once tricked into doing a Super Mario World romhack LP by an author pretending to be dying of leukemia. Every wrongpurae video on King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride in which he guest starred has included a joke about it, and two of them (so far) consist only of the duo pranking him with one.
  • Andy Zaltzman, Chris, Tom, and... let's say everyone on earth will never let John Oliver forget that he was in The Love Guru.
    • Now their teasing has expanded to include John's role as Vanity Smurf in The Smurfs, although he defends himself by citing how popular the film actually was.
  • No matter how "original" he tries to be, there will always be someone to remind The Irate Gamer that he outright stole from the AVGN.
  • Noah of Tribe Twelve fame is known for stabbing bushes. He did it exactly once, for approximately two seconds of screentime.
  • Miasma of the Whateley Universe is only known for having horrible gas. It's his only superpower.
    Miasma: You burn a hole through one stinking couch, and do they ever let you forget it? No!
  • The Onion
  • Nephlite from Sailor Moon Abridged fell victim to this in-universe. No one seems to remember anything about him other than the fact he became Molly's boyfriend, then died. They don't even seem to remember his real name, instead calling him, "your dead boyfriend."
  • "The Trololo Guy" (Eduard Khil) says "trololo" once in a song that lasts almost three minutes - this is because he first gained his popularity from the short, cut-out clip featuring that phrase. And for many people, his career begins and ends with that three minute song, despite having been a performer for over 40 years.
  • Gavin from Rooster Teeth has never truly lived down his lack of vehicular knowledge that culminated in two words that have never left the minds of even his most loyal fans: "Headlight Fluid". It probably doesn't help that it's also an early joke from Rooster Teeth's flagship series, Red vs. Blue, making it even easier to remember.
    • It also doesn't help that the "Headlight Fluid" animated adventure ended up as an ad on Youtube, with the individual video garnering over 2 million views.
    • Caleb earned the ire of fans everywhere when, during one of the "Let's Play Minecraft" episodes, he cheated by looking on the screens of the other members.
    • There's also Ryan's two memetic moments "I'm still in the air!" and "Give me your milk!"
  • Caboose in Red vs. Blue won't live down accidentally killing Church with a tank he couldn't control. Church himself at least has a reason to not let him forget it, but when Flanderization kicked in, this incident mutated into Caboose being a trigger happy Team Killer in general. It's way funnier than it sounds.
  • Continuing Rooster Teeth shows, RWBY will probably never get over a lot of relics from Volume One which keep coming up in the show's general identity but have never been repeated, such as cookies being Ruby's Trademark Favourite Food (something shown in the first episode with her scoffing a plate of them and which never comes up again except for a Freeze-Frame Bonus in Ep. 11), Weiss calling Ruby a dolt (something she has only ever done once in the whole show but fans practically consider her Catchphrase), Yang making puns (which is just an allusion to her voice actor), and Nora being a Played for Laughs Memetic Psychopath (because once in the entire run of the show she suggested breaking a guy's legs because he was bullying Jaune).
  • Poor Frogman will never be forgiven for 9gag trying to turn his face into a rageface. It wasn't even his fault, yet he is now always referred to as that forced-meme guy.
    • On a more serious note his "Imagine a Bowl of M&M's" meme where he compared men in general to a bowl of m&ms where some were poisoned so one needs to be wary of all of them, was often accused of being sexist; especially when he dismissed a male rape-survivor who objected to the comparison. The fact that in 2016 Donald Trump Jr. made an eerily similar comparison to justify prejudice against Immigrants (namely Muslims) has not gone unnoticed.
  • Pat from Two Best Friends Play will never let Matt forget that, during their Silent Hill: Downpour LP, he accidentally threw Fire Axe down a Bottomless Pit. Neither will the series's animators.
    • Woolie apparently turned down sex with two hot bisexual girls so that he could get to his local Gamestop to buy Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • Following the announcement of the PlayStation 4, one Kotaku writer posted an article asking why there were no female presenters at the event. This is the first article by the writer on the site that had anything to do with sexism (... Sort of), but 4chan's video games board immediately became flooded with parodies of it, portraying her as a Straw Feminist labeling absolutely everything as sexist. Let's leave it there.
  • Colin Moriarty of IGN will forever be known as the person that started the "gamer entitlement" meme when fans, upset over Mass Effect 3 rather controversial endings, voiced their complaints and started the Retake Mass Effect movement. In some circles of the Internet he's even the poster child of everything wrong with pro-corporate, anti-consumer gaming journalism.
    • Expect any article having to do with PlayStation Vita sales bringing in comments mocking Moriarty for his "Vita is Set to Succeed" article, in which he claimed that Vita sales will steamroll the Nintendo 3DS's upon release, when the very opposite has occurred.
  • Perez Hilton will forever be known for drawing pictures of penises on people.
  • This is the end result of any sort of bad transgression in a Journal Roleplay at the Dreamwidth anon journal "Wankgate": if you flounced a game, made a fool of yourself on the comms, made yourself look like a creeper or play a character Out of Character, then the anons there will keep record of it and will make sure that you aren't forgotten.
  • Bryon, aka Superpsyguy or just Psyguy from Fireball 20XL, will probably never live down his many years of abusing, threatening and manipulating dozens of women and a few men as well, thanks to a long series of posts from former friends, exes and associates that leaked onto the internet, leading to him removing most of his social media in an attempt to hide any evidence. As you can guess, it didn't work out well for him. The same can be said for many of those caught up in the abuse scandal on Youtube.
  • It might take a while until Tumblr forgets about how Jon Jafari used the word "retarded" as an insult on Twitter once (towards PlayStation Now).
  • Smiffy of Hat Films has "ghosted" note  on rare occasions when playing games with his teammates, or the rest of the Yogscast, yet the reasonable and understanding fans have, through Flanderisation, turned him into a constantly ghosting asshole that rarely stops doing it.
  • Turpster is probably not going to be allowed to forget his Old Shame "Turpstervision" introduction that he used for an old show of his. This is (largely) because Sips and Hat Films installed it as a taunt for Prop Hunt. Despite his efforts to take the original video down, reuploads exist and videos with the taunt are almost impossible to remove, since Hat Films basically use their server for every Garry's Mod video the Yogscast make.
  • Sjin, according to a story Sips and Turps told, bought a plush of Maximus from Tangled while in America and had to throw out a pair of jeans in order to make it fit. This is something no one else in the Yogscast will let him forget. Ever. Sjin claims this isn't true, for what it's worth.
  • The internet (especially his detractors) will never let The Amazing Atheist forget that he once shoved a banana up his ass on camera. Fortunately he takes it in stride, and even jokes about it whenever it's brought up.
    • In a much darker sense, he once taunted a rape survivor by telling him (he wrongly believed the survivor in question was a woman) that "she deserved it", even suggesting that the rapist should be found and given a medal. Pretty understandably it really tarnished his reputation on the internet a bit, even after he offered a public apology.
  • Zeb 89 "Ace Gamer", an Italian youtuber who started with videogame reviews, is a controversial figure among the Italian YT community, because of his arrogance, rudeness and alleged right-wing sympathies. He made a fairly long video in which he harshly criticised a fan (as in, the device that moves air) because it was expensive and it didn't work... until it was discovered that he assembled it in the wrong way! As soon as he removed the video multiple copies, remixes and parodies popped up, and nowadays "Zeb 89" and "fan" are always spoken in the same sentence. It seems that the YT community will forever mock him for it.
  • The Cracked article 5 Popular Figures of Speech That Have Creepy Hidden Meanings plays with this, regarding "those bastards at the Department of Homeland Security": "You've made like a million sandwiches in your lifetime, but do they call you the sandwich maker? Of course not. But you commit one war crime and suddenly you're 'a war criminal.'"
  • Not even TV Tropes itself is safe from this kind of shaming. Due to once having such pages as Fetish Fuel and Troper Tales, the site is often seen as a haven for creeps and other unsavory people of very low moral fiber.
  • Out of all countries, Indonesia has the worst reputation among Untergangers, in no small part due to controversies surrounding Hanif 837 (who has been referred to by other Untergangers using such corruptions of his name as "Arsesniff 837", "Failnif", and "Hanfail" since his fall from grace with the Downfall Parody community).
  • Many cartoon fans (especially Gravity Falls fans) will probably never let live down their "Top 10 Hated Disney Cartoons" list, in which Gravity Falls was included.
    • They later included the show as one of the best cartoon of the 2010's and even told people to ignore they did this.
  • Google+ will always be remembered for two things: Its enforcement of its "real name" policy (which was very much a Scrappy Mechanic for those who are transgender, are drag queens, or use pseudonyms to avoid stalkers, employers, etc.) and its forcing of YouTube users to link their Google+ accounts. Even though Google+ does neither of these things anymore, its reputation was badly damaged enough that its userbase remains low in numbers compared to rival Friending Network Facebook, which ironically is now gaining a reputation for enforcing the same sort of "use your legal name or we terminate your account" policy.
  • In the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life series, this happens a lot to the islanders, where their entire character becomes defined by some minor event. This is partially because Tomodachi Life doesn't leave much room for characterization, so interpreting small events is a must. Some prominent examples:
    • Walrus is a ridiculously nice guy, doesn't cause trouble for the most part, and has helped Alpaca (who's always struggled with romance) find love in Bonzi Buddy. Does Vinny (and the viewers, to a lesser degree) remember him for that? No, he remembers him for "stealing" Two-Faced from his own Mii, Vinesauce, causing him to have an extremely long-held grudge for him. Fortunately, this doesn't last forever, because Vinny sees him get dumped coldly in Episode 37, and starts treating him nicely.
      • By extension, given the amount of votes she gets during the Survivor Edition, nobody's going to forget that Two-Faced cheated on Walrus for DK, which is the reason Walrus got redeemed.
    • Isaac, for the most part, is an uninteresting islander. Or at least he would have been, but while he was being added, the game crashed, causing everything that was done for the first half of Episode 28 to be lost. This is Isaac's most memorable moment, and despite the fact that it's never happened again, Vinny still turns to him whenever things go wrong, asking him to reset the island again.
    • Ask fans about Groose and Karl, and they'll probably mention that they are the "Sloppy Seconds Brothers", a Love Hungry duo that interrupts love confessions to confess their own love, and always failing at it. This is based off of two separate events in Episode 36, and it has never happened again, but the prominence of it means that many people think of the two as love failures, which really only fits Karl.
    • A non-islander example; Captain Southbird, a Promoted Fanboy who condenses the streams, is considered to be the reason why Cling On, an formerly-ignored islander, rose to fame and became a Breakout Character. This has led to him becoming associated with Cling On, and questions fans ask him tend to be related to her. He doesn't seem to mind, though.
  • Movie Fights
    • In one of the earlier episodes, Hal screwed a Speed Round question really badly by calling out the same answer that his opponent, Tiffany, had already clearly called out first, despite having more than a few seconds to think. From then on, Andy would call such the "Hal Rudnick move", and would warn the contestants to not "pull a Hal Rudnick" before the speed rounds. This stopped when they change their speed round rules, however.
    • Many fans of the show would fondly recall Kristian Harloff as "the writer of Nightfalls" after he argued for the completely made up title in one of the Speed Round questions. He managed to fool his opponents, the judge and even the fact checker into thinking that such a movie exist, and his bold attempt at doing so remains as one of the best moments in the series.
  • In-series, Brittany from The Most Popular Girls in School won't let Rachel Tice forget that she ate roly-poly in the third grade.
  • In universe, Future Trunks is subjected to this by Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Abridged because he only warned them about two androids when in fact there were eight. Trunks tried to avert it in Super Android 13 when he found out about the last three by keeping Goku from telling Vegeta, but he failed.
  • Better take care that you don't do something stupid, offensive, or get in a fight with someone on Know Your Meme. If you do, you may as well just leave the site, as there's a good chance that the userbase will not let you forget about it, even if you have.
  • The Fine Brothers came under immense criticism for attempting to trademark and license "React" series under the umbrella title "React World". Even after they dropped the plans, their fans haven't forgiven them and they lost about half a million of their subscribers. Pretty much every Youtuber with knowledge of the situation has turned on them, including big names such as Cr1TiKaL and Filmcow.
    • Looking more like they are starting to be forgiven as the subscription count started to tick back up and the negative comments and dislikes decreased within a month-and-a-half and, after shelving the show during the backlash (possibly to avoid anybody else being affected negatively), YouTubers React returned with both new and old YouTubers. By then, the positive comments and likes were back to pre-controversy levels.
  • The YouTube series PokéSins loves to hammer one point. In Episode 3 of Pokémon, Ash resists using more than one Pokémon at a time against Team Rocket, citing the rules of the Kanto Pokémon League. In future episodes where Ash subverts it, Gar1onriva cites that scene and gives it a Minun.
  • Former Yogscast member Ridgedog has become infamous on Tumblr for allegedly telling a transgender fan to kill themselves and giving them advice on how to do it. While the accusations on Reddit have resulted in wide splits with people unsure as to what to make of the allegations, Tumblr fans ended up rejoicing and telling him to piss off.
  • Darksyde Phil
    • One thing just about everybody knows about him is that he got banned from Blip TV for anti-Semitic jokes.
    • In 2016 he was caught masturbating on camera during a pre-stream. This quickly went memetic and even people who had no idea who he was soon found themselves surrounded by all the jokes about this faux-pas.
  • One of the reasons The Mysterious Mr. Enter is so divisive around the internet is for his early reviews, where he insulted the creators, constantly brought up My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic unprovoked, and got really loud at times. Even after expressing regret towards his earlier reviews and even redoing some of them, the internet still won't let him forget.
  • Wheeljack giving the Dinobots simple brains for authenticity is an In-Universe example for the Dr. Smoov Transformers parody videos. Optimus mocks him mercilessly for it when they do a commercial together saying "Hey let's make the Dinobots stupid like real dinosaurs! I'm Wheeljack, I make stupid robots!"
  • In Numberphile, the infamous "Parker Square," Matt's rather terrible quasi-solution (reusing two numbers and with one diagonal wrong) to the problem of whether a magic square can be made of square numbers. Since then, it's been brought up whenever a flawed solution is mentioned, especially in Matt's videos.
  • As part of a month-long theme centered around The Price Is Right, Cyndi (formerly Robert) Seidelman of Game Show Garbage inducted "Those Golden Fanbois Who Live Down The Road On The Internet" as a huge Take That! towards's fan base. This cemented Seidelman's reputation as a Fan Hater, and it got her into so much trouble in the game show community that she had to tone down the review the very next day. She still has a hard time living this down, going as far as removing the induction from the site in September 2017.