Narm / Spyro the Dragon

Classic Series

  • The way Hunter usually talks.
  • The "One Man Wail" during Ripto's boss fight. Though the battle itself is pretty epic, the background music that plays during it really just has to be heard to be believed. note 
  • The cutscenes for the PS1 games can come across as this as a whole. Aside from Spyro himself, most of the models are rather basic and low on expressive range. This is especially true for Bianca's cutscenes, she's arguably the most serious development in the third game, but her acting and facial expressions may look amusingly like a jagged lump of clay moving about.
  • This bit from Enter the Dragonfly.

"The Legend of Spyro" Series.

  • In A New Beginning, there's the scene early on in the game where Sparx is kidnapped by the apes. Just when one of them attempts to crush Sparx, Spyro lets loose probably the dullest "Big "NO!"" in video game history, combined with an incredibly awkwardly stiff animation of him shaking his head just before he breathes fire for the first time. All this combined makes it seem like Spyro was almost happy that Sparx was almost crushed. (Though, given Sparx's personality, that might not be a stretch.)
  • The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon has a moment just after Ignitus sacrifices himself to get Spyro and Cynder across a fiery chasm. Spyro goes Dark and tries to pull away from Cynder. She holds him back, saying in a deadpan tone of voice "No. Spyro, don't."
    • There's also the part where Malefor brainwashes Cynder again. The whole scene is supposed to be depressing and force the 'Darkest Hour' view even further, which it does... For all five seconds before Cynder instantly turns back to normal because of Spyro's (rather dull) slide down the Despair Event Horizon. The scene was supposed to be emotional, but the fact that it goes on for literally only a few seconds combined with "The Power of Love" somehow fixing things in said matter of seconds just makes it come off as silly and pointless. Though, depending on who you ask Malefor sequentially flipping his shit over it is either hammy or terrifying.
    • Also doesn't help that Cynder's attempts to attack Spyro during that scene basically amount to weakly slapping his wings with her tail.
    • Neither does Spyro's response to Evil!Cynder: "Because you've left me nothing to fight for." This sounds suitably dramatic at first glance, but then you realize that he's basically saying Cynder and Ignitus were his only motivation to fight Malefor. What about the many innocent victims suffering under Malefor's tyranny? What about the dragons who mentored him? Aren't they worth fighting for? Does he even remember they exist?
  • "I AM ETERNAL!!!"
    • Really, Malefor can give the likes of Xemnas a run for his money in the Large Ham department.