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Awesome Music: Spyro the Dragon

The classic trilogy

The soundtracks for the first four games in the series were composed by Stewart Copeland of The Police fame.

  • The credits theme for the trilogy is the same across all three games, and is particularly catchy as well as helping to tie all the adventures together.

Spyro the Dragon
  • Dark Passage. Terrifying level, but amazingly catchy music that just screams "Autobots, Rock Out!".
  • Gnasty's Loot. This music perfectly embodies the stage's "You've pretty much reached 100% Completion, Spyro. But it's not over, you're almost there: your final stretch is going to be fun." kind of feeling.
  • Dark Hollow. Despite its name, it's an amazingly calm theme for a nighttime stage, and almost manages to evoke some kind of "summer nights" feeling.
  • Wizard Peak. This kickass BGM, just like Gnasty's Loot above, has a very "Let's have fun!" feeling.
  • Even though it was a brutal That One Level, Tree Tops had incredibly fitting and awesome background music. The way the music seems to climb towards the middle before dropping back down perfectly captures the feel of those supercharge challenges that we all love so much.
  • Even more music goodness includes Lofty Castle, a whimsical, yet "dangerous-feeling" theme, and Haunted Towers, which does pretty much the same.
  • The main theme of Spyro the Dragon, heard on the title screen, and its moody remix heard in Toasty and the Gnorc Gnexus.
  • You can't beat Sunny Flight, Sunny Flight beats you!
  • Gnorc Cove from the original game. The song acts as a great introduction to the modern-day harbor appearance of the level, and also how far you've come on your journey.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

The games released between the classic and The Legend of Spyro trilogies

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