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Music: The All-American Rejects
The All-American Rejects are a pop-punk band formed in Oklahoma in 1999. They released their Self-Titled Album, The All-American Rejects, in 2003. They followed it up with Move Along in 2005, When the World Comes Down in 2008, and Kids in the Street in 2012. They consist of Tyson Ritter on lead vocals, bass, and piano, Nick Wheeler on lead guitar and backing vocals, Mike Kennerty on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, and Chris Gaylor on drums.

The All-American Rejects have shown examples of the following tropes:

  • Breakup Song: "Swing Swing", "It Ends Tonight", "Gives You Hell" "The Wind Blows" and "Beekeeper's Daughter", and those are just the singles.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: "The Wind Blows" has the line "Late nights when I stay up late".
  • The Four Chords of Pop: "Swing Swing", "Move Along" (intro, bridge and outro) and "Dirty Little Secret" (verses) have I-V-vi-IV.
    • "Dirty Little Secret" (chorus) and "It Ends Tonight"(chorus) use I-IV-vi-V.
    • "Move Along" (chorus) uses vi-I-V-IV.
  • Hope Springs Eternal: "Move Along". The basic message of the song is that, yeah, sometimes life is going to suck and not just suck but suck so much it hurts. However, if you keep going and not give up, it will all get better.
  • Emo: Of the pop-emo variety.
  • Kids Rock: "Move Along"
  • Lead Bassist: Tyson is both Type B & C.
  • Lyrical Cold Open: "My Paper Heart" and "Believe".
  • Minimalistic Cover Art: Move Along has a faded black-and-white image of the band, the band's then logo in solid black, and the title of the album in red, all on a white background. So yeah, not much to it.
  • New Sound Album: When the World Comes Down has a more pop-oriented feel and a usually Lighter and Softer tone, featuring their biggest hit, "Gives You Hell". Kids in the Street, however, is more of a throwback 80's style album.
  • Pop Punk/ Power Pop
  • Precision F-Strike: "Heartbeat Slowing Down" has this sudden line:
    I fucking hate this town.
    • "Someday's Gone", on the same album, has the line "You walk into the room and you fucked everyone."
  • Sleeping Single: The music video for "Gives You Hell" has one.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: "Top of the World" is this to the then-current president, George W. Bush.
  • This Is a Song: "The Last Song"
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