Music / Pansy Division

"What did he say?"
He said, 'that's so gay'!
Uhm, guess what?
That's not Okay!
And if you say it again
There'll be hell to pay!
- "That's So Gay", 2009

Pansy Division is a San Francisco Punk Rock band founded in 1991 by Jon Ginoli, and is probably the best known example of the Queercore sub-genre, being one of the few to gain any mainstream recognition. While they have not released any new albums since 2009, they have released a pair of compilations online, and have continued to perform live, mostly in local venues in the SF Bay Area.

  • Undressed, 1993
  • Deflowered, 1994
  • Pile Up, 1995
  • Wish I'd Taken Pictures, 1996
  • More Lovin' From Our Oven, 1997
  • Absurd Pop Song Romance, 1998
  • Total Entertainment!, 2003
  • The Essential Pansy Division, 2006
  • That's So Gay, 2009
  • Lost Gems & Rare Tracks, 2010 (iTunes release only)
  • Pansy Division Live 1992-2003, 2010 (iTunes release only)

Tropes appearing in Pansy Division songs: