Music / Hurt

Hurt is an Alternative Rock band, formed in Virginia in 2000. The band produced two independent albums, "Hurt", and "The Consumation" independently. The albums "Vol.I" and "Vol.II" were their first release under a major record label, with Capital Records. The band was dropped from Capitol Records after they did not prove to be financially successful. They then went on to produce "Goodbye to the Machine" and "The Crux" independently with Amusement Records. The band has many songs that feature creative word play, and meaningful symbolism.

Current Members:
  • J. Loren Wince: Lead singer, guitar, violin (2000-present).
  • Michael Roberts: Guitar and backing vocals (2009-present.)
  • Victor Ribas: Drummer and backing vocals (2010-present.)

  • Hurt (self-titled EP; 2000)
  • The Consumation (2003; rereleased to a wider audience in 2008 as The Re-Consumation)
  • Vol. I (2006)
  • Vol. II (2007)
  • Goodbye to the Machine (2009)
  • The Crux (2012)

Hurt provides examples of: