Music: Hurt

Needs a Better Description. (Actually, just needs a description.)

Hurt is an Alternative Rock band, formed in Virginia in 2000.

Current Members:
  • J. Loren Wince: Lead singer, guitar, violin (2000-present).
  • Rex Mohr: Bassist (2008-present).
  • Michael Roberts: Guitar and backing vocals (2009-present.)
  • Victor Ribas: Drummer and backing vocals (2010-present.)

  • Hurt (self-titled EP; 2000)
  • The Consumation (2003; rereleased to a wider audience in 2008 as The Re-Consumation)
  • Vol. I (2006)
  • Vol. II (2007)
  • Goodbye to the Machine (2009)
  • The Crux (2012)

Hurt provides examples of: