Hurt is an AlternativeRock band, formed in Virginia in 2000. The band produced two independent albums, "Hurt", and "The Consumation" independently. The albums "Vol.I" and "Vol.II" were their first release under a major record label, with Capital Records. The band was dropped from Capitol Records after they did not prove to be financially successful. They then went on to produce "Goodbye to the Machine" and "The Crux" independently with Amusement Records. The band has many songs that feature creative word play, and meaningful symbolism.

[[AC:Current Members:]]
* J. Loren Wince: Lead singer, guitar, violin (2000-present).
* Michael Roberts: Guitar and backing vocals (2009-present.)
* Victor Ribas: Drummer and backing vocals (2010-present.)

* ''Hurt'' (self-titled EP; 2000)
* ''The Consumation'' (2003; rereleased to a wider audience in 2008 as ''The Re-Consumation'')
* ''Vol. I'' (2006)
* ''Vol. II'' (2007)
* ''Goodbye to the Machine'' (2009)
* ''The Crux'' (2012)

!Hurt provides examples of:
* BondageIsBad: "Cuffed" comes off this way; it's apparently criticizing ''loveless'' sex but the fact it's also bondage is telling.
* BreakupSong: "Losing", "So When," "How We End Up Alone", and others.
* BSODSong: "Overdose." Loren's singing becomes increasingly loud, desperate and generally unhinged as the song progresses.
* ChronologicalAlbumTitle: ''Vol. I'' and ''II''.
* CrazyJealousGuy: The narrator of "Got Jealous", unsurprisingly enough.
* DigitalPiracyIsEvil: Mentioned in "Flowers," amusingly right alongside a TakeThat to their old record label.
* DestructiveRomance: "[[DomesticAbuse Abuse]] of SID".
* DrivenToSuicide: The narrator of "Well," although it fails (the gun isn't loaded.)
* DrugsAreBad: "Loded".
* EyeScream: Two separate comparisons to "a needle in the eye" on ''The Crux''.
* FalseRapeAccusation: The woman in "Pandora" threatens the narrator with this if he doesn't MurderTheHypotenuse.
* GriefSong: "House Carpenter," "That (Such A Thing)", possibly "Alone With The Sea".
* HiddenTrack: "Flowers" is attached at the end of "That (Such A Thing)" on the album, although it's also available as a bonus download to people who bought the album new.
* LoveHurts
* MetalScream: Infrequent, but it happens, the last couple minutes of "Overdose" in particular.
* MohsScaleOfLyricalHardness: Gets as high as an 8 (or 9 for suicide references) in some songs; rarely falls to 4 or below. They're named "Hurt" for a reason, folks.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Ranges from 1 ("Assurance," "Aftermath") up to around a 7 ("Role Martyr X", "Ten Ton Brick").
* MurderBallad: "Got Jealous," overlapping with ObsessionSong.
* MurderTheHypotenuse: See above.
* ProtestSong: "Wars." Who would have guessed from that title, right?
* ReligionRantSong: "Adonai" is a type 1 (RageAgainstTheHeavens); "Rapture" and "Talking to God" are both type 2 (religion as a pernicious influence). Various religions (''and'' atheists) get a bit of [[TakeThat poking at]] in "Flowers", along with just about everything else.
* TakeThat: "Flowers" delivers a string of these.