Manga / Pokémon RéBURST
Not your average group of Trainers.

Pokemon ReBURST is a manga series adapting the Pokémon franchise, focusing on the mons of Pokémon Black and White and published in Weekly Shonen Sunday. It's probably the biggest departure from the basic Pokemon concept in the franchise's history, utilizing the gijinka as a main focus, and further expanding it.

The main protagonist is Ryouga, a boy with superhuman strength. Joining Ryouga is Miruto, a girl who works for an organization that tracks down people who use Pokemon for evil, Yappy, a journalist who resembles a Pansage, Karuta, a Ninja, and Rug, a thief. The plot centers around "Burst," the ability to use special gems called Burst Hearts that contain Pokemon stored inside of them to transform into human Pokemon hybrids. Ryouga's Burst is Zekrom, Karuta's is an Accelgor, and Rug has a Purrloin.

On rare occasions they actually use Pokémon in the traditional way.

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Pokemon Reburst contains examples of: