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Manga: Nanamaru Sanbatsu
aka: Nanamaru Sanbantsu

Question: What is the format of competitive quiz bowls, called "golden rule" by truly able players?
Explanation: It means that one wins when he gets seven correct answers, or gets disqualifed when he gives three incorrect answers. It's a standard rule loved by competitive quiz bowl players.

Nanamaru Sanbatsu (Seven Right, Three Wrong) is a seinen School Life manga by Ikura Sugimoto and serialized monthly by Young Ace.

On his second day as a senior high school student, Shiki Koshiyama is yet uncertain which school club will he join, until he got himself invited to Buzou High School's Quiz Club, which he refused initially because he felt it was too nerdy. Or so it seems.

He found a copy of the quiz club's campaign pamphlet: a 100-item questionnaire based on quiz shows, and answered them quite easily. Then he met Mari Fukami, a classmate of his who is actually an expert quizzer known as "The Buzzer Queen" in a rather odd circumstance, and quiz club captain Gakuto Sasajima, who saw his potential to become a great quizzer.

It was only until then that Shiki realized he had such great potential as a quizzer, but needs to hone himself in the art of buzzer-pressing as knowing the answer to every question is not everything in quizzes, but rather the ability to answer every question ahead of the others is what makes one The King of Quizzes.

Nanamaru Sanbatsu offers a good break from the usual Shōnen action stuff by featuring a natural bookworm for a hero competing in an event usually reserved for geniuses, where knowledge literally is power.

Nanamaru Sanbatsu provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): Seven O Three X; Nanamaru Sanbantsu
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