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Make Me Wanna Shout: Western Animation
  • Danny Phantom's Ghostly Wail. Which he somehow learned ten years before his evil future self.
  • One of the villains on Batman Beyond named Shriek was a sound engineer whose Powered Armor gave him several sound-related abilities, including a shockwave from ultra-low frequency sound waves.
  • Ben 10's Benwolf form, which has a supersonic howl.
  • Antauri's and later Chiro's Monkey Mind Scream from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!.
  • Talon on Static Shock. One-off villain Boom has something like this — he emits powerful soundwaves from the giant speaker on his chest.
  • Bubbles learns to use this as part of her communication powers in The Powerpuff Girls.
  • The Sadly Mythtaken Banshee — that's her name; she's one of The Fair Folk — in Gargoyles had deadly wailing as her power. Plus she turns into a giant centipede.
  • There's a minor villain in Justice League, Colonel Vox, who had this weird mechanical throat that does this. He's basically a pastiche of a Bond henchman, so it comes as no surprise that this ultimately gets him when it comes time for the karma to kick in.
    • The mechanical throat is what he talks through. His actual voice is what does the killing.
  • In the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode, "Mayhem of The Music Meister", Black Canary is the only one who can disrupt the titular villain's Mind Control because her Canary Cry can be provoked when it is lyrically appropriate to do so.
  • One of Megas' many, many superweapons on Megas XLR is the Jammer, a weaponized karaoke machine that, when combined with Coop's godawful singing, is strong enough to destroy a whole space station.
  • The Hei Bei from Avatar: The Last Airbender, a forest spirit able to expel destructive sonic blasts when in its monster form.
    Actor!Toph: I don't "see" like you do—I release a sonic wave from my mouth, like this: (releases an ear-curdling scream). There! I just got a pretty good look at you!
  • Transformers Animated Starscream apparently can develop one of these. Although even he's not sure how he did it.
    • Also, Soundwave from The Transformers, as fitting both his name and radio alt mode. Thundercracker had this power in the Marvel comic.
    • Soundwave has demonstrated this ability in Transformers Prime as well.
    • Plus the appropriately-named Nightscream in Beast Machines.
  • In Filmations Ghostbusters, the team's bat companion Belfry can do this.
  • In the episode "Hidden Talents" Kim Possible is entered into a talent contest by her sidekick Ron, which she's not happy about because of her awful high notes. It turns out her singing can break six feet of ice, useful when the villains trap her under that, though never mentioned again.
  • In one episode, Eek! The Cat tries to get the lemons while climbing on a lemon tree at Sharky's backyard, but fails and eventually falls into a thorn bush, which prompts him to scream so loud that the camera shakes and the lemons fall off of the tree and bury him.
  • Subverted in The Simpsons, when Lisa trains her voice for an "American Idol" competition. Just after she appears to break a glass by hitting a high note, the camera pans out and Homer says that he was shooting the glass with a BB gun every time she did so.
  • Tanya Mousekewitz is able to break glass with her singing voice in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West.
  • Horribly and hilariously used in Celebrity Deathmatch. Mariah Carey's singing makes Jim Carrey's head explode. Literally.
    • In another episode, Jerry Stiller's shouting had powerful concussive force.
  • Used in Courage the Cowardly Dog, when Courage's 41-second-long scream breaks the foundations of his house and sends a villain team up falling into the resulting hole.
  • The EVO Circee in Generator Rex can shout with varying intensity at most any frequency. The can knock people back, create horrible noises, and hit resonance frequencies to shake things apart.
    • It was said that in an off-scene incident, she accidentally hit the natural resonance frequency of cotton and blew a bus driver's pants off.
  • The Garfield and Friends segment "Screaming with Binky" revolves around Binky The Clown disturbing someone who is doing an activity that requires concentration.
  • In the Adventure Time episode "Wizard Battle", Finn lets out a Big "NO!" so big it knocks out Abracadaniel, earning Finn victory in the eponymous Wizard Battle. It also earns him mockery for using a Power Shriek, "the most shameful form of magic."
  • In a Wing Dings blackout, Dick Dastardly invokes the line as he protests the squadron's lack of activity during some downtime. He shouts "IT'S SO QUIET YOU CAN HEAR A PIN DROP!!", followed by Muttley rolling a bowling ball at a pin which knocks Dastardly out cold. Zilly quips, "That's one pin he didn't hear!"
  • In The Venture Bros., Klaus Nomi, one of the bodyguards of the Sovereign of the Guild of Calamitous Intent really a shapeshifter impersonating David Bowie, has this as his power.
  • Dutch's car Whiptail in Motorcity is able to do this.
  • She Zow has his/her Sonic Scream power (the strongest out of all of powers), it can do anything from breaking every piece of glass within a five mile radius, to destroying really big boogers, to being a pinpoint concussive blast.
  • Young Samson & Goliath. When the dog Goliath is changed to his lion form, he can make a roar that selectively destroys objects in the nearby area.

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