Tricked-Out Gloves

I love the power glove. It's so bad.

Gloves that enables the wearer to do cool stuff. It may be used as Phlebotinum-Handling Equipment.

See also Power Fist (basically the weaponized brother), Tricked-Out Shoes (the shoe counterpart), Electric Joybuzzer, Arm Cannon, and Ring of Power. Opera Gloves are for elegance instead of cool abilities but on a character who is Silk Hiding Steel they could be both. See also Magical Accessory for other pieces of cool stuff enabling jewelry and trinkets.


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    Anime and Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • Goldenglove I and II from Astro City, with gloves taken from a UFO crash.
  • Emerald Gauntlet from PS238. His gloves (and those of his father) act like Green Lantern Rings. Another student, Angie, has her "Power Glove", which contains all kinds of tools an 11-year-old Gadgeteer Genius finds useful, like various screwdrivers, a dremel...and a squirt gun.
  • Usually overshadowed by his utility belt, but Batman has more than a couple spare tools in his gloves. Played straight with Nightwing, who carries all his gear in pouch rings on his gloves and boots in lieu of the belt.
  • The Love Glove, a member of the second Brotherhood Of Dada in Doom Patrol has the ability to use several magical gloves from the psychadelic Glove Tree, such as the Love Glove, the Shove Glove and the Tech Glove.
  • In the Elseworlds comic JLA The Nail, the Joker gets handed a pair of high-tech gloves with functions like energy blasts and telekinesis, which he uses to kill Robin and Batgirl while forcing Batman to watch. After his death, Batman and Catwoman (having taken up the identity of Batwoman) each wield one of the gloves during the final battle.
  • Azrael wore a pair of golden gauntlets that contained a number of weapons. These later became part of Manhunter's arsenal.
  • In American Flagg, Mandy makes Raul a pair of cybernetic gloves. Their only real feature is opposable thumbs, but when you're a housecat, that's enough.
  • The Infinity Gauntlet lets you warp reality. Can't get much more tricked out than that.


  • Roger Zelazny seems to like this trope: Agni in Lord of Light has a glove that allows him to use the Fire Wand without burning his hand off, and Set in Creatures of Light and Darkness has a glove that, once worn, expands to cover the entire body in an armored mesh.
  • In Centaur Aisle, Smash Ogre gets a pair of metal gauntlets that drastically improves his namesake ability. They're not magical, but their solid construction allows him to apply more force. It's a very good thing he's a good guy.
  • Warden Carlos Ramirez of The Dresden Files wears a gauntlet covered in Aztec or possibly Olmec pictograms. He uses it as a focus for a shield spell, like Harry's bracelet.

    Live Action TV 

    Music Videos 
  • Yet another Power Glove appearance: in the music video for "Na Na Na" by My Chemical Romance, the Killjoys wield Power Gloves and laser blasters.

    Oral Tradition 

  • Johnny Mnemonic has a magnetic glove that captures balls in order to place them on the Matrix for an award.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • There is/was the "Coal Miner's Glove" Gimmick Match, where said glove was on a pole (or hidden in one of several boxes). If you got the glove you could put it on and hit your opponent with it. Presumably that's better than just hitting them with your fist.
    • Even a "normal" glove allows you to punch harder by reducing the damage to the skin on your knuckles, and thus the pain.

    Tabletop RPG 
  • Dungeons & Dragons has had many magical gauntlets and gloves over the years with a variety of powers.
    • As well as a few spells — Gauntlet ('wall of force'-like impenetrable glove), Khidell's Glamour Glove (protection vs. contact poisons and magic).

    Video Games 

  • Van Von Hunter: Van's sidekick obtains a pair of "Gloves of Lifting", which allows her to lift almost any load. She doesn't get any other physical capabilities you would find related to such strength (she can't punch, throw, push or crush with super-strength), just lifting. Although lifting things and then dropping them on opponents is an option.

    Web Original 
  • Suburban Knights revolves around the search for the Gauntlet of Malachite, which is supposed to have magical powers, although The Nostalgia Critic just wants to sell it. However the glove itself is meaningless, the important thing is the gem on it, which allows one to use magic without penalty. In fact when they actually find it the gem has been moved... onto a Power Glove. Complete with Shout-Out.

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • The Power Glove. Its a cool looking glove that has motion sensors in the fist itself! Sadly, its motion sensors hardly work, making it basically useless. It at least has a controller at the top.
    • The Playstation and the Nintendo 64 also had a glove controller that was simply called "The Glove". It worked better than its predecessor but never had the power of memes to be able to surface from obscurity.
  • How about gutting a real Power Glove and filling it with modern technology to allow it to control complex camera operations remotely? Dillon Markey of the Robot Chicken staff did exactly that.