Team Prima Donna

Someone on a team, like a military or superhero, who is self centered and wants everything her (and sometimes his) way. Acts haughty and superior to everyone on the team, especially to the Na´ve Newcomer. This character can even be offended if the newcomer is in any way better or given special treatment.

Is often The Lancer, and likely grew up a Spoiled Brat or Royal Brat.

But the character does have skills invaluable to the team, even if this character pulls the occasional Leeroy Jenkins in battle.

Also, if this character and the naive newcomer are of the opposite sex (or same sex depending on the genre), they are as likely as not to become Love Interests, or at least a potential love interest.

Watch out for Break the Haughty in some cases.

Compare Glory Hound, Insufferable Genius, Attention Whore. Contrast Rookie Red Ranger.


Anime and Manga

  • In the film Patton, the eponymous general admits he's this (the team being the Allied forces of World War II). His problem with General Montgomery is that Montgomery won't admit he's also one.
  • Both Tony Stark and Thor in The Avengers: Tony is insufferably smug and bossy, while Thor is extremely dismissive towards the rest of the team and skeptical of their capabilities, and is only working with them because their interests (finding Loki) happen to coincide at the moment. Tony does, however, turn the stereotype on its side by being by far the most welcoming and friendly person out of everyone else toward Bruce Banner, the team's Na´ve Newcomer.
  • Vincent Lauria from The Color of Money always wants to be the winner, even when it's detrimental to the hustle that his group is running; Eddie and Carmen have to work together to keep him in check. Vincent's inability to throw games (to set up larger bets and richer marks) often leads to arguments.

  • Arya from Eragon. Also Eragon himself, on occasion.

Live-Action TV
  • Rachel Berry from Glee lived and breathed this trope when she was in New Directions. Especially in the first season, where she had a tendency of treating the group like her backup singers. Letting other kids get the spotlight would become a frequent plot point. She did lighten up by the third season though.

Video Games
  • Sumire of Sakura Taisen is both this and The Prima Donna in the theater group.
  • In Hugo's scenario of Suikoden III, Lilly Pendragon serves as this for some time. Justified in that two of the other members are her personal manservants, whom she naturally expects to do their jobs and cater to her every whim... and she also hires Hugo and his friends as "guides", which she thinks puts them in the same category.

Web Comics
  • Total Drama College brought us Charlotte, a spoilet rotten girl with a bad habit of interrupting good girl Crissy's Speech.

Web Original
  • Diva of the Power Cats. Yes, she even named herself Diva. She is far and away the most powerful super on the team, but she always wants to be the big star, and she won't take directions from Redlight, the team leader.
  • Weiss of RWBY, which made her a Base Breaker.

Western Animation
  • Shelley from Jabberjaw. An Alexandra Cabot expy, albeit she doesn't try to steal the team's boy.
  • When Cartman formed the team "Coon and Friends" in South Park, his Jerkass nature naturally turned him into this.
  • Simon Belmont was strongly this in his... Artistic License characterization in Captain N: The Game Master.
  • Pierce of Beverly Hills Teens considers himself the Casanova of the club, always laughing down at pint sized boy genius Chester. He even attempts to take Lark away from Troy.
  • Courtney in Total Drama. She'd be a strong competitor if she could look past her all-consuming ego.