Quest for a Wish

In the setting, there exists an entity that grants wishes—any wishes, and not in a jerkass way—to those who reach it. However, the path to this entity is long and perilous, so that only those of strong conviction can reach it. The plot of the story then centers on a character or characters trying to do just that. Possible plot points may include:


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    Anime and Manga 
  • In Dragon Ball, the person who collects all the eponymous artifacts gets a single wish granted, then all the Balls split off randomly to wait again.
  • In Inuyasha, the eponymous hero was originally searching for the Sacred Jewel in order to get his wish to be a full demon granted.
  • The Blue Crystal Rod that waits at the top of the The Tower of Druaga is said to grant a single wish to whoever claims it.

  • One issue of Miracleman, toward the end of the series, is about a group of people climbing a mountain to meet the now-godlike Miracleman and petition him to grant their respective wishes. Some of them are being less than honest about their reasons for doing the pilgrimage. Not all of them make it to the top, and not all those who do get a satisfactory result for their trouble.

  • Stalker, adapted from Roadside Picnic, goes even further than the novel, with the Stalker refusing to ask anything, the Writer having his wish granted while getting there, and the Professor abandoning his original plan to nuke the Room altogether.

  • The first half of The Wizard of Oz consists of Dorothy going to Emerald City to see the Wizard so he can send her home. Along the way she meets three other characters who join her to have their own wishes granted.
  • The final chapters of Roadside Picnic detail Redrick's attempt to reach the Golden Sphere to ask for his crippled daughter's recovery. However, journeying with his Wide-Eyed Idealist of a partner leaves him in the state of confusion about his true wish as the book closes.
  • The first volume of Hyperion Cantos has a framing narrative which is all about a group of pilgrims traveling to the home of the Shrike, a mysterious entity that, well, usually it just kills everyone who encounters it, but it has been known to kill all but one member of a party of pilgrims, and grant the survivor one wish. Yes, they're all that desperate.
  • A subplot of Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones has the heroine and her brother going on a quest to find a wish-granting entity that can heal her of a magical injury inflicted on her by the villain.

     Video Games 
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past concerns Link's quest for the wish-granting Triforce; he wants it less to make a wish of his own and more to get it out of the hands of Ganon, who had previously used it to take over the Sacred Realm (in the process turning it into the Dark World) and is currently using it to invade the Light World. Once Link gets it, however, he realizes that he can use it to undo all of Ganon's evil works.
    • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, a semi-sequel to LttP, has Hilda and Yuga of Lorule scheme to steal Hyrule's Triforce to replace Lorule's, which had been destroyed centuries before by Well Intentioned Extremists who were unaware that it was a Cosmic Keystone without which their world would slowly crumble. Once again, Link is more concerned with keeping it out of their hands than using it for himself. Once he recovers it, he realizes that he can use it to wish for the Lorulian Triforce to be restored. Win-win!

    Web Original 
  • Baman Piderman. In the episode "Happy Winter Friends", Baman and Piderman realize that Pumkin is rotting, so they set off on a quest through another dimension to find a Winter Friends Wish so they can use it to save Pumkin. Instead of a wish, they find a Sousaphone, who tells Baman that the wish was inside him all along. As in, literally inside Baman's chest. Not only does the wish heal Pumkin, it also gives him arms and legs.

    Western Animation