Pacifist Dojo

In any works with Rival Dojos, this is the natural Foil — and by extension the Good Counterpart — for the Thug Dojo. Whatever their Way is, you can bet your bottom dollar (or yen) that nine out every ten of its students are Martial Pacifists and the other is a technical one.

Not to say that no Deceptive Disciple ever sneaks past their system — after all, no process is foolproof. But do not be fooled — like most Real Life eastern-martial-arts schools, they will make it clear that its members are not to use their techniques outside of the school, unless it is an emergency (self-defence, defence of a third party, etc). Using the techniques anyway, for bullying, for example, will lead to your expulsion upon discovery. And make no mistake, one way or another, they will find out, and the violator will be Persona Non Grata.

In any proper competition or tournament, expect them to follow the rules to the letter, especially between bouts, and be graceful losers regardless. Oh, they might be fine bending the rules, if only to stop cold any opponent who has no problem with prohibited moves, but not beyond that point.

And just to drive home why you should Beware the Nice Ones, they can fight if they absolutely need to — especially if they end up in a real battle to the death, where dirty blows are flying all around and the ante is constantly going up. When their sensei (or Old Master) gets into the act, that's the signal to watch out.

Compare Ninja School and Hero Academy.

There does not have to be a competing dojo to qualify the school for this trope. Nor does it have to be "heroic" in any sense of The Hero. Nor does it even have to be technically a dojo. What is required to qualify as an example is that it honors and strictly enforces its code of ethics as indicated herein.


Anime and Manga
  • The Kamiya dojo from Rurouni Kenshin is one of these, with the Kamiya Kasshin-ryu style being a swords style used to protect people, not harm others.
  • Not a dojo, but in the anime adaptation of Grenadier, the Empress imparts in her personal traveling gunwomen not just the Improbable Aiming Skills but also the prime imperative to end any conflict without drawing their guns if at all possible.


Live-Action TV
  • In the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Jason ran such a class. In fact, he went on to lampshade it to Bulk: "Martial arts was not developed to hurt others."
  • Kickin' It has Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy, whose staff and students have turned Good Is Not Soft into an art form in terms of conflict resolution. Most common in any situation where Jack catches a fist in his palm and calmly goes into his Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.

Video Games
  • In the Street Fighter Universe there's Gouken's Ansatsuki School, which teaches a non-lethal version of this martial art, Ryu and Ken being two of his most famous disciples.

  • The Isabel's grandfather's dojo in Paranatural teaches people how to manipulate Spectral energy to battle ghosts. Despite essentially being about teaching magic, it looks like a stereotypical martial arts dojo and frequently requires physical exercise.