Literature: Time Patrol

Time Patrol is a series of works, mostly short stories, by Poul Anderson. They take place in a universe where the resolution to the Grandfather Paradox is that you now exist without ever have had a father, and the Time Police relentlessly works to keep time nevertheless on the same path — while ruthlessly expurgating futures, filled with living beings, that do not conform to it. Doing this often requires the sacrifice of time travelers or those they love.

Most of the stories feature Manse Everard, a 20th-century American and Unattached agent, as the main character, or as a secondary one. Many crucial incidents feature The Greatest History Never Told, such as the Punic Wars.

Works included

  • "Time Patrol" (1955)
  • "Brave to be a King" (1959)
  • "Gibraltar Falls" (1975)
  • "The Only Game in Town" (1960)
  • "Delenda Est" (1955)
  • "Ivory, and Apes, and Peacocks" (1983)
  • "The Sorrow of Odin the Goth" (1983)
  • "Star of the Sea" (1991)
  • The Year of the Ransom (1988)
  • The Shield of Time (1990)
  • "Death and the Knight" (1995)

Tropes featured