Non-Standard Kiss

Kissing commonly tends to be done between two characters using their mouths, but in the case of this trope, the kissing is done without the use of mouths.

This can be due to Bizarre Alien Biology, where one or both of the characters kissing may not have mouths at all, or else kissing on the mouth would make doing such a thing awkward or even dangerous. There can also be other reasons as well, such as (possibly) awkwardness.

This is often done as a kiss substitute for younger audiences, and may occur as part of an Interspecies Romance.

Compare Headbutt of Love and Anywhere but Their Lips (the latter still involves mouth kissing, however). Also compare Fantastic Arousal, Alternate Animal Affection and G-Rated Sex.


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     Multiple Media 
  • In the Star Trek universe, the Vulcans have a finger-touching gesture that seems to be used as a kissing analogue. The basic motion is simply extending the first two fingers of the right hand and touching fingertips, but finger-stroking motions can be added for greater intimacy.

     Films — Animation 
  • In WALL•E, Eve kisses WALL•E using an electrical discharge in despair after WALL-E loses his memory. Said kiss also restores his memory.

     Films — Live-Action 
  • In Demolition Man, the future city of San Angeles, even simply high-fiving is thought as being intimate there; people are taught not to do any meaningless physical contact.

  • Two instances in the Animorphs prequel novel "The Hork-Bajir Chronicles":
    • Aldrea (who has morphed into a Hork-Bajir) and Dak Hamee kiss for the first time by pressing their foreheads against each other's.
    • Aldrea also mentions in her narration that it is much like what Andalites do when kissing: they stroke each other's faces with their hands, as they don't have mouths to kiss with.
  • In The Also People, the People rub noses rather than kiss, leading to some confusion the first time the Doctor's companion Chris tries to make out with his Girl of the Week.
  • In the future world of the Xenogenesis series, humanity has been altered by aliens, and as a result adults feel extreme discomfort if they make skin-to-skin contact with one another. Because of this, stroking someone's hair has become the default gesture of affection.

     Video Games 

     Western Animation 
  • Inverted in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius episode "Win, Lose and Kaboom!": when April locks lips with Jimmy, he assumes that she's kissing him, but she states that it's the Gorlockan seal of trust, and has no idea what a kiss is. Averted when she does it again later, saying "that was a kiss" after Jimmy asks if that was the aforementioned seal of trust.

     Real Life 
  • Eskimo kissing is done by two people rubbing their noses against each other's.