Completion Meter
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A feature common in Wide Open Sandbox video games, which lets the player know how many pieces of hidden content (collectables, unlockables, etc.) the game has in total, how many the player has already found, and, by simple math, how many are still out there.

Often, separate counters are provided for different types of hidden content and for different levels/locations to further assist the player in finding that Last Lousy Point. See also 100% Completion.


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     Action Adventure  

  • Brütal Legend keeps a large number of counters in the main menu, from how many collectables Eddie has found, to how many unit combos he tried out, etc.
  • Most Metroid games have a percent counter that rises as you collect items.

     Adventure Game  

     Eastern RPG  

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 shows a rundown of memory fragments by type and by location, as well as the overall count. Moreover, Historia Crux shows how many Time Gates are available in each location and how many have already been opened; and the map screen shows how much of the current location you have visited.
  • Xenoblade shows the percentage completion of each Collectopaedia.

     Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game  

  • The Guild Wars 2 character select screen has a "badge" that shows how much of the map you've explored.

     Platform Game  

  • Donkey Kong Country keeps track of bonus rooms and K-O-N-G letters the player finds in each level. The Game Boy Advance port also has a virtual scrapbook for special pictures found in-game.

     Puzzle Platformer  

     Stealth Based Game  

  • A staple in the Assassin's Creed for "additional memories", such as collectable flags in the first installment, and eagle feathers in the second.
  • Alpha Protocol tracks how complete your dossier files are.

     Western RPG  

  • Ubiquitous and justified in Dragon Age: Inquisition: for most Collection Sidequests (of which there are a lot), you know exactly how many pieces of whatever you're supposed to collect there are on the current location and often even where they are exactly. The reason for this becomes obvious if you pay attention to the surroundings: almost every location of any interest is haunted by Leliana's pet ravens. In other words, you know what and where to look for because your diligent Spymaster already found and cataloged it for you.