Bedroom Adultery Scene

Alice and Bob are lying in bed. One of them has a lover who tiptoes up to the bed and/or hides under it. The lover may hide in the closet or bathroom, as well as under the bed. The Closet Shuffle may be involved.


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  • Red Ears: This is a frequent scenario in this erotic comic strip series and several variations on the theme have been thought up.


  • Comically seen in Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams when Cheech hides under the bed as the husband and wife have sex and the bed collapses on him.
  • Danny DeVito's character is introduced this way in Twins.
  • The Last Boy Scout introduces Bruce Willis' character as the cuckolded husband in this scene... and as a cop, he correctly sniffs out that the other guy is hiding in the closet and nearly shoots him.
  • In one of their films Laurel and Hardy are being pursued by their awful wives. As they run down an alley behind a hotel, one of the wives raises her shotgun and fires. At the sound of the shot men jump out of every window in the hotel, in their underwear and holding their pants, and run away.
  • The Woman in Red: Charlotte and her husband can be heard having sex while Teddy is out on the ledge.
  • A humorous variation in The Spanish Apartment when one character's boyfriend shows up unexpectedly, she ends up hiding under the bed while her brother, previously the Annoying Younger Sibling, gets into bed with her lover and passes him off as his.

     Fan Works 

  • In What About Witch Queen? this happens twice to the same couple. Once, Kristoff accidentally notices duchess Margaret cheating on her husband with Weselton spymaster Hunter while he's roaming around their castle. Second time, Eric, Margaret's husband, is sleeping after coming back late and hears somebody walking around the room. He thinks it's a servant, but it's strongly implied to be Hunter.


  • A popular topic in Russian Humour. Example:
    A man came home after a business trip. The same day in the middle of the night a naked man with a knife jumps out of the wardrobe and shouts: "I am fugitive criminal Ivanov!" and then run through the door. A few seconds after that another naked man jumps out of the wardrobe and shouts "I am police detective Petrov, have you seen where fugitive criminal Ivanov went?" The confused husband gestured to the door. "Thank you, citizen—SWAT team, follow me!"
  • Three men arrive at the pearly gates at the same time. Saint Peter asks the first how he died. "I thought my wife was cheating on me, so I went home early and rushed into the bedroom. She was naked in bed but alone - then I spied a man out the kitchen window dressing himself as he ran down the front walk - I threw the refrigerator out the window at him and I had a heart attack from the strain." Saint Peter asks the second man how he died. "I was late for work and ran out the front door of my apartment building tying my tie when all of a sudden a refrigerator came down and crushed me to death!" Saint Peter turns to the third man and asks how he died. "Well, I was just sitting in this refrigerator, minding my own business..."
  • 1950's comic Myron Cohen told the joke of the man returning home to find his wife in bed and a man hiding in the closet. He challenges the man to explain why he's in there and the man shrugs non-chalantly and answers "Everybody gotta be someplace."


  • In one of the Flashman novels, Flashman catches his wife and Lord Cardigan in the act. Lord Cardigan greets Flashman and calmly walks out the door. Despite the circumstances (not that he of all men is in any position to pass judgement), Flashman has to admire his sangfroid.

     Live Action TV  

  • Spoofed in the Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch "Strangers in the Night," where there is a whole crowd of lovers. The husband doesn't notice them, and eventually wanders off, ruining the sketch.
  • One Thanksgiving while Earl and Joy were still married and Joy was involved in an affair with Darnell, Earl came home with the turkey, and Darnell hid in the closet. Years later, Earl and Darnell bond over the naked dance Joy performed during that incident.
  • In addition to a few straight examples, Two and a Half Men has an odd inversion: the lover is in the bed and the husband is in the closet. Except in this case the husband is actually a mannequin that Rose "married" in her latest scheme to win over Charlie.


  • This would be why R. Kelly is Trapped in the Closet.
  • Happens in the video for Jill Sobule's song "I Kissed a Girl" (not to be confused with the song of the same name by Katy Perry). The video shows the story of two neighbor women in a 1950s-esque neighborhood, one of whom is married to Fabio, and one afternoon they act on their Unresolved Sexual Tension. Fabio comes home and greets his wife, who is in bed, while the neighbor woman is hiding under the bed.
  • "Melody" by The Rolling Stones from Black and Blue
    Open up, baby, you got someone else inside
    I'm going to come get you dead or alive
  • "Hideaway", the opening track of Mystery Jets 2008 album Young Love, starts with this:
    I've been running around, running around
    Don't make a sound, don't wanna get found
    I've been hiding behind the blinds
    But in my mind I don't want to be that kind of guy
    • Trick's on him; he's been so indiscreet in other ways that the other man knows who he is and is plotting his revenge...

     Newspaper Comics  

  • A cartoon in a magazine had a man come home to find another man in his bed. He opened the closet, finding his negligee-clad wife there, and asked her, "Can't you do anything right? He's supposed to hide in the closet."
  • This strip by Argentinian cartoonist Quino.


     Web Original  

  • A motivational style poster (link currently non-functional) showing a Japanese business man arriving home, passing through a corridor with a Wall of Weapons, with his supposed wife in bed with another man on the other side of the wall, with the words: "This will not end well."
    • Which is then subverted with a follow up showing the three of them in bed together.