Film / Nice Dreams

In Nice Dreams, Cheech and Chong play pot dealers who use an ice cream truck as a front for their business. Though they plan on retiring to the Bahamas, Sgt. Stedanko (Stacy Keach reprising his Up in Smoke role) is hot on their trail, although he's been smoking weed himself, and is slowly turning into a lizard.

Under the influence of cocaine, Chong signs all of the duo's money to Howie the Hamburger Dude (Paul Reubens), leading the duo to break into the mental institution to get their money back, and they meet Timothy Leary, who gives them LSD. Cheech and Chong also attempt a threesome with Cheech's ex-girlfriend, Donna. In the end, Cheech and Chong end up as male strippers after their weed connection is busted.

Dialogue from Paul Reubens' scenes appeared in the Primus song "Hamburger Train", while the ice cream truck was imitated in the Afroman music video "Because I Got High", with the Clown's head from this movie replaced by Afroman's head.

Nice Dreams provides examples of the following tropes: