Funny / Nice Dreams

  • After Cheech drops acid and hallucinates Michael Winslow doing a Jimi Hendrix impersonation:
    Jimi: Alright, I'm gonna do one more song before I get back in my box. [Imitates electric guitar by blowing on the microphone] Purple haze, all in my brain. [Guitar sounds] What's this negro doing on this stage?!? [Guitar sounds.] I'm actin' funny an' I don't know why [Guitar sounds] 'Scuse me while I eat this fly! HELP ME!
  • Cheech: MY BALLS ITCH!
  • Chong insists that cocaine doesn't make him do stupid things, and adds "Sherlock Holmes does coke!"
  • "You're the guy from the Hamburger Train, right?"
    • "I'm not sorry I stole the money, NYAAH!"