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Literature: Rooting for Romance
"Have you ever seen those big trees? I'm not talking about the small kind here. No, really big, huge, enormous trees that usually stand in little towns, making the towns look even more picturesque. Those trees that seem to ask you if you could please climb in them, or sit at them, because they look so old and lonely. And in most cases, they usually are.

I'm one of them."
Elder Tree's introduction to the story

Written by the same guy that wrote Thrown Into Love, Rooting for Romance is about a guy and a girl, named Yuri and Ellen, growing up together, whilst also having a second plotline that's about a husband refusing to cheat, then cheating anyway later on. The entire story is told through the eyes of a tree.You can read it here.

In Rooting for Romance, the following tropes can be found:

Red DeathTroper WorksSapphire

alternative title(s): Dont Leaf Me Alone
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