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Exit to Eden is a 1985 novel by Anne Rice (originally written under the pen name Anne Rampling before being subsequently published under Rice's own name), about a BDSM resort, The Club.

Elliott is a masochistic man who goes to The Club in search of sexual fulfillment. Lisa is a sadist and one of the managers of The Club. Lisa falls for Elliott's sardonic humor and abandons her responsibilities to pursue a romance. They travel around the American south and reflect on each other, BDSM, and the future.

In 1994 it was adapted into a movie by Garry Marshall. The result was not pretty.

Elliot Slater (Paul Mercurio) is an Australian photographer who has never managed to sustain a relationship on account of his masochistic proclivities. To come to terms with his sexuality, he signs up to go to the resort, here called Eden. Once there, he falls in love with the owner/head dominatrix Lisa Emerson (Dana Delany)...

Unfortunately, at the airport, Elliot inadvertently took photographs of wanted international diamond smuggler Omar (Stuart Wilson), who heads off to the resort himself to retrieve the diamonds. This forces cops Shelia Kingston (Rosie O'Donnell) and Fred Lavery (Dan Aykroyd) to go undercover at the resort to arrest him...

This book and film provide examples of:

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