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Literature: Cyteen
Cyteen is a 1988 science fiction novel by C. J. Cherryh set in the Alliance/Union universe. Cyteen is the capital of Union, a interstellar society based on human cloning, genetic engineering and technologies in psychology that verge onto mind control. Engineered humans called 'azi' (an acronym of 'artificial zygote insemination') are enslaved and certain geniuses who are certified as "Specials" are essentially above law. The novel chronicles the life of Ariane (Ari) Emory II and Justin Warrick, both clones (PR) of Specials, and Grant, an azi based on the genome of another Special and the companion and later lover of Justin. A winner of both Hugo and Lucas awards. Has a sequel Regenesis.

This book provides examples of:

Alliance/UnionCreator/C. J. CherryhChanur Novels
Cycle of the WerewolfLiterature of the 1980sDance Dance Dance
Chanur NovelsHugo AwardGaea Trilogy
The CyberiadScience Fiction LiteratureDaemon

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