Literature / Anomalies

A Web Original serial novel written by troper Hydra4. Currently featured on DeviantArt and FictionPress. Updates with EXTREME irregularity.

Features 2 sets of protagonists:
  • Jacob, a telekinetic boy of 19, and an apprentice in The Georgian, a demon-hunting organization. The story begins with him encountering a demon halfway through his training. His portions are narrated in first-person.
  • Lucas and Alicia, a pair of high school students in small-town Ohio. They share an ability to transform into dragons. The story begins with the two of them being attacked by a mysterious assailant. Their portions are narrated in third person.

The story is broken down into chapters, with each chapter divided into (usually) two parts, one for each perspective (usually). Some segments will flip-flop between the two perspectives. Currently consists of 10 parts, going up to Chapter 5 Part 1.

This page was written by the author, so take just about everything with a grain of salt. Any tropes listed have already been used in the story, or are a part of the World Building undergone but not outlined in the actual story yet. More tropes will be added as they are used/found.