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  • Brian Regan had a joke about people at dinner parties who spend too much time talking about themselves.
    Brian: Me! Me! ME! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Beware the Me-Monster.

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  • A couple of characters from Noob suffer this:
    • Gaea thinks of her guildmates as human shields, gets away with not contributing to the guild's common fund under the pretense of (not really) low finances while the very same guildmates are probably worse off than she is. She actually says the following line while explaining what scouting consists of to The Watson in the webseries : "Your'e supposed to make sure there is no danger for me... I mean us.".
    • Omega Zell, usually the Butt Monkey, tends to try diverting any kind of positive attention the guild gets to him. He also keeps claiming that he will be soon in the game's best guild despite the fact that he got on its recruitor's bad side, somehow convinced she will forget that he's a Jerkass Straw Misogynist once she gets to see his talent.

  • Lulu of Shine: A Burlesque Musical has a number with this title.
  • Glinda ("It's Gah-linda!") acts like this in the beginning of Wicked.
  • The Show Within a Show "Springtime for Hitler" in The Producers features, in the musical version, Hitler singing a song entitled "Heil Myself", which is everything the title promises.
  • The villainess Lady Jacqueline Carston lampshades this trope in her hilarious song Thinking of no one but me in the comedic musical Me and My Girl.
  • The Book of Mormon has Elder Price. The first song he and his nerdy missionary brother, Elder Cunningham, sing together is even called, "You and Me (But Mostly Me)".
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