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Heartwarming: Young Avengers
  • Billy's coming out to his parents, even if it was a Funny Moment. It could easily have been played for drama and follow the traditional coming out tropes, but instead Heinberg opted to have Mr. and Mrs. Kaplan happily support Billy and warmly welcome Teddy to the family!
  • In Children's Crusade, the Scarlet Witch regaining her memories & being informed that Wiccan & Speed are her long thought lost children and the reaction of the pulled through time Scott Lang to his daughter Cassie following in his footsteps.
  • In Children's Crusade 9, after Billy sits around moping for months, over the events of the Children's Crusade arc, Teddy proposes to Billy, and the two kiss on-panel for the first time.
    • And then Ms. Marvel interrupts them & tells them that Captain America wants them at Avengers Mansion in costume, where he tells the remaining members of the team that even if they no longer operate as Young Avengers, they are going to be considered full Avengers from this point on.
  • The alone-time moments between Billy and Teddy in the 2013 volume are very heartwarming on both sides.
  • A small moment, but in the 2013 volume, when the group is attacked by the alien parasite Billy accidentally summoned Billy immediately puts himself between their attacker and Loki and protects him with his magic. Considering up to this point the team has no real reason to trust or defend Loki, it was really touching. Loki's shocked expression really seals it. In spite of all his manipulations, the God of Mischief really can't understand why Billy's protecting him!
  • Volume 2, issue 13 is chock full of heartwarming moments.
    • Prodigy talks some sense into Teddy about his relationship with Billy.
    • Teddy and Billy make up, Billy in turn destroys Mother and fixes the multiverse.
    • America is seen with tears streaking down her face and opens the portals that allow Billy to fix his error.
    • Billy introduces the gang to his parents.
  • America's tendency to call Kate "Princess" is Heartwarming In Hindsight because America herself is a Badass Princess and she was trying to be friends with Kate.
  • A Meaningful Background Event in the last issue, Billy gratefully hugging Tommy after the party and Tommy just looking completely confused.
  • The ending frame of Volume 2 is Loki liking a photo on Instagram the group took of themselves. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • In a one-shot focusing on Bucky Barnes. Kate, Eli and Vision meet him for the first time. Although they don't get off to a good start, since he treats them like kids (which is pretty reasonable, given that he was the first kid hero, and knows all to well how dangerous it can be) and says a homophobic insult (though he didn't intend it to come off that way). But they follow him and find out who he is, and after their meeting, the team salutes him, telling him, "it was an honour, Bucky. For all of us."
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