YMMV: Young Avengers

  • Angst? What Angst?: Teddy seems to come to terms remarkably fast with his foster mother's death and the revelation of his identity. However, vol. 2 makes a point of exploring the effects of such events on him.
    • And when David kisses PatriNot, Tommy is surprisingly blasť about it other than some mild confusion over his location.
  • Base Breaker: Loki, Billy, and America are the biggest, and Kate to a lesser extent. Loki and Billy are either great characters to read or a Creator's Pet and Spotlight-Stealing Squad respectfully, America is either a fun addition or a complete Jerk Ass, and Kate is either the best or worst thing about the Hawkeye series.
  • Broken Base:
    • The letter column at the back was choc-a-bloc each month with complaints that the book was saying it's okay to be gay. And equally choc-a-bloc with praise saying what a godsend it is to LGBT teens.
    • Everything about the 2013 run from character design to storytelling to the writer's/fandom's treatment of the characters of colour, homosexuality, bisexuality, and mental health issues.
      • Lampshaded by Gillen after the spirited debate sparked by Billy and Teddy's new hairstyles.
    Kieron Gillen (on the #4 letters page): "So many words have been written about Billy having discovered hair-gel and Teddy [having] discovered a pair of scissors. It's kind of amazing. Generally speaking, if I've learned anything about comics through YA, it's SEXUAL DISCOVERY = GOOD, HAIR-CARE DISCOVERY = BAD."
    • Hell, the first scene is split; Kate and Noh-Var's hookup in the opening either makes them unlikeable, or its just a sign of them being two happy, healthy young adults having fun. Even those who dislike it are splits; either they're too casual about it (especially Kate), or Kate's mini internal-shaming sends a bad message to how to react to having one night stands.
    • On the same note as the two above, Billy and Teddy's relationship: Either its a great portrayal of a healthy, loving gay couple, or they're dull and boring because they never have any troubles. Then Gillen's run gave them some problems, and people are spit on if that made them more interesting or less interesting.
    • Even before this, The Children's Crusade mini had alienated a bunch of fans for its needlessly harsh treatment of the team, especially since Heinberg had no intention of picking the characters up from where he left them. And before this, there tended to be a split between fans as to whether Heinberg was the only writer worthy of handling the characters or whether the material published between YA Vol 1 and The Children's Crusade was as good as the stuff he put out.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Volume 2 comes with a complete soundtrack playlist courtesy of Gillen's blog, and a number of songs with some thematic resonance show up in the story. He also released Noh-Varr and Broo's full after-party playlist.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: During the first years of the Young Avengers, Kate never had the main focus of a story and was there only as the link that maintained the team together morally and financially. Later she somehow took the title of leader from Patriot and by 2013 not only she is one of the three original members to remain in the team (the others being the Official Couple) but also she is the only member to currently appear in two ongoing series at the same time as of the start of Young Avengers Volume 2 with a co-starring role in the current Hawkeye book. Kate is also often chosen as the most popular character of the team by fans (Wiccan or Kid Loki being the only members who can match her popularity).
    • Miss America is quickly rising in popularity, even before the series started publishing there was a slew of fan art of her, and many cosplayers.
  • Fan Nickname: After Clint Barton resumed using the Hawkeye identity after Dark Reign, some fans began using Hawkingbird as a name for Kate Bishop, who had been using the name in the time Clint was operating as Ronin & was originally referred to as Hawkingbird as a joke in the series, before she was given the Hawkeye name.
  • Friendly Fandoms: With fans of New X-Men, Runaways and Avengers Academy. Vol.2 added Journey into Mystery fans with introduction of Kid Loki to the team and by virtue of being written by the same person. And of course last two issues of vol.2 took an advantage of it with Young Avengers inviting all other teen heroes on huge party.
    • And with fans of current Hawkeye series, thanks to both being quite different in style from usual Marvel standard and sharing the character of Kate Bishop. It helps that Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen are good friends.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Wiccan's original name was Asgardian and based on Thor, but changed it due to possible jokes about a gay superhero whose name sounds like 'ass guardian'. Then lo and behold, Charmin used the joke on an ad on twitter for Thor The Darkworld which has a large section of gay fan fiction.
    • The new readers wanted ad Loki handed out in the promotional one-shot had an interesting curse attached: "Be there or be involved in a string of massive corporate crossover events for your entire run"... well, apparently he wasn't there enough because his new solo series was involved in both "massive corporate crossover events" of 2014 and will be in the one of 2015. Not that this isn't a totally Loki thing to happen.
  • Holy Shit Quotient: Issue 8 of vol.2 - it has several strong moments that would each end up being a cliffhanger in another story - attack by monstrous versions of Noh-Varr's first love, Exterminatrix, then landing in a dimension where stars are build into giant image of Billy, then team getting separated after Mother's attack, then return of Journey into Mystery character, Leah and finally David kissing Teddy.
  • Ho Yay: Billy and Teddy went straight past this to Official Couple, but the first issue gives us the semi-infamous picture of Iron Man with his arm around Captain America's waist in midair.
    • Speed and Prodigy get hints of this in vol. 2.
    • Iron Lad has some with Billy in the post-Children's Crusade comic that explains why he showed up again to interfere with the timeline. First there's a flashback, during which Billy's response to Nate defeating Electro is to hug him from behind, which Nate looks rather pleased about. A few minutes later, Nate almost dies but Billy resuscitates him with CPR. Nate apologizes for coughing into Billy's mouth, to which Billy replies that it wasn't as if he [Billy] didn't enjoy it. The scene then switches back to the future, wherein Kang encourages Iron Lad to go back in time to change things by telling him that Billy was murdered by the Avengers. Nate immediately decides to repay Billy for saving his life despite the fact that he's warned that doing so puts him closer to becoming Kang. As soon as Nate's gone...
      Future Billy: You didn't have to lie to him.
      Future Kang: Probably not, but it had the desired effect. Besides, I knew he'd do anything for you.
    • Les Yay: Kate and America is pretty popular, in fact probably the most popular Kate/Anyone pairing, thanks to their few interactions in Vol 2 having America sightly tease Kate, and calling her Princess regularly. The final issue having America come out as gay herself and claim that Kate's 'not that straight', really helps matters.
  • Internet Backdraft: The reactions of some fans to McKelvie's redesign of Billy Kaplan are less than favorable. Detractors claim that it makes him look more stereotypical gay, thus hurting an up-to-then positive portrayal. The portrayal of Billy-Teddy relationship in the 2013 has also been received with hostility.
    • There was also some backdraft when Gillen called Speed sociopath in an interview. He had to explain on Tumblr he was referring to the time Billy called him a sociopath in original series.
    • The pacing of Gillen's run as well resulted in some backdraft, though this died down as the pacing improved.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Prodigy. He comes with one canonical, if sunk, ship from his previous series (Surge), gets a lot of Ho Yay with Speed and once he reveals his bisexuality, with Teddy, possible Foe Yay as Loki's rival and there is a small percentage of fans who were shiping him with Miss America on the basis of one scene from issue #8 through that probably got sunk when we found out America is a lesbian and with Kate on the basis on small scene from issue #11.
    • Loki. The fact that members of Ex-Men were really duplicates created by his subconsciousness lead some people to believe he is attracted to every single member of the team.
  • Memetic Mutation: Loki and his flying, talking wieners.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Gillen noted in horror how many people told him they love uniform worn by one of alternate versions of Kate Bishop in issue #9 of volume 2, despite the fact it's clearly a Nazi uniform.
  • My Real Daddy: Because of her big promotion to the main Young Avengers team and the increased focus on her and a huge surge in popularity, fans are probably more likely to associate Miss America with Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie than they are Joe Casey or Nick Dragotta.
  • Nightmare Fuel: vol.2 issue 6, last few pages give us A thing in Patriot's old costume, that walks like a zombie, mind rapes Speed before taking him somewhere and reveals the costume is actually empty, taunting Prodigy to put it on, before it disappears. It's quite creepy.
    • Come Issue #11 Teddy has been imprisoned by the Ex-Men and the Mother, who has used his shapeshifting ability to force him to assume the form of a throne for her.
    • In issue #10, the Mother catches and eats the narration panel. The panel begs the readers not to abandon it and calls them monsters and cowards in its final moments.
    • An understated one in #4, in how Loki convinces Billy to loan him what's left of Billy's powers for ten minutes. Just the thought of Teddy being forced to go through what Loki's suggesting is enough for Billy to agree despite his misgivings.
    Loki: Do you want your boyfriend to snap your neck to save everyone's lives, Wiccan? Because he doesn't.
  • Padding: Some people felt Gillen's run took longer than it should to wrap up all of its plot points, especially towards the end.
  • Scapegoat Creator: There is a lot of really dedicated hatred directed at Kieron Gillen for his run of the comic.
  • The Scrappy: Some fans still have yet to forgive Cassie for going over to the Pro-Regs during the Civil War, especially since her justification was "I don't want to go to jail like Wiccan," which according to some, made her appear cowardly and unwilling to stand up for her beliefs. Others chalk it up to bad writing.
    • On a similar note, many readers won't forgive Patriot for screwing up Wanda's attempt to save the mutant race, leading to Avengers vs X-Men, a story built atop a massive Conflict Ball that both Avengers and X-Men fans tend to take issue with.
    • David and Miss America for the new run, due to David surprise kissing Teddy and Miss America no longer worshiping Billy Kaplan.
    • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Many fans felt bad and cried when Cassie died at the end of Children's Crusade after sacrificing her life against giant god-mode Doctor Doom.
  • The Woobie: Sometimes you just want to wrap Wiccan in a warm blanket and carry him home.
    • As of vol. 2, Hulkling is certainly getting up there in woobie points.
    • Jerkass Woobie: Loki. the entire conflict is basically his own self-loathing and guilt personified, and it all started because of his gambit to steal Billy's power.