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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Young Avengers
Tommy is a product of Wiccan's powers. Wiccan's powers are a product of Scarlet Witch's powers. None of the above individuals are related.
It's one of the directions I see Children's Crusade going. Billy and Tommy discover that they aren't really Wanda Maximoff's sons; Billy's powers were granted to him by Scarlet Witch's reality warping when she ran into him outside the Avengers mansion; and Tommy was created by Billy's reality warping to make his belief that he is Scarlet Witch's son (a.k.a. The Ultimate Fanboy Delusion) sound more plausible.
  • I got the impression that Billy only started believing he was the Scarlet Witch's son because the Super-Skrull put the idea into his head. That happened after he met Tommy. Of course, if Billy is as powerful as Wanda, it's possible he subconsciously altered the timestream itself.
  • Jossed (unless there's a retcon/plot-twisat later) Wanda's back and called them "my sons"

Possibly it will happen once an issue until the very end of Children's Crusade, when they finally just say, "Screw it!" and smooch in front of everyone.
  • Nope. It did finally happen though. But it was because of Teddy proposing to Billy

Billy IS the Scarlet Witch.
During Children's Crusade Billy will discover that his whole life, his family, his powers, his unrelated speedster twin, were all created by Wanda as a place to hide after House of M. The situation will devolve into "Ben-and-Glory"-style antics before being resolved in a satisfactory and/or heartbreaking fashion.
  • Jossed Billy met the Scarlet Witch and she is a completely different person from him.

Teddy didn't exist until Genis-Vell recreated the universe.
During Peter David's Captain Marvel series, the title character (Genis-Vell) tore down and rebuilt the universe with one major change—he now had a sister, Phyla. Given Genis' desire for a family, he could have subconsciously created Teddy, or perhaps have manipulated the events which led to Teddy's birth.
  • Unlikely but Loki hints that Billy created Teddy as a dream literally come true

Scarlet Witch and Rebecca Kaplan will meet...
And get along great (while Billy panics outside whatever room they're in). Plus, Tommy clearly needs more supervision than Billy, so that will take a lot more of Wanda's time. They work out that Rebecca is in charge of civilian Billy and Wanda is in charge when he's doing superhero stuff. There will be hugging.
  • And Tommy complains about not wanting supervision and Wanda brightly offers to ground him. Or make him listen to Pietro talk about himself for a few hours. It's all but been proven that Tommy's parents either don't care much or at least aren't looking for him, so I think he's going to be stuck with Wanda and Pietro.
  • Wiccan will be fine without Wanda's direct supervision. Doctor Strange will ask him to be his apprentice (or vice versa) and become a kind of father-figure for him.

Billy is a Germanophile
  • All his geeking out over the Scarlett Witch(who was born in eastern europe), his decidedly camp gay moments where he quotes Heidi Klum and dresses the group up as characters from The Sound of Music all point to this. Also the Norse Mythology thing. That too.

Hulk is Billy and Teddy's kid.
  • I know, Hulk got his powers from Gamma Rays, but stay with me here. So, Billy and Teddy are going to have a kid (Via Billy's magic) and the Avengers have a total freak-out. They end up on the run, when a (past? present? I dunno) Iron Lad helps them escape into the time stream. They end up in the past, where the baby is born. Knowing that they can't bring it back to the present, they give it to a woman who miscarried, and alter evryone's memories so that they think it's her kid. Billy and Teddy return to the present, and everyone assumes the child died. However, the child grows up and starts experamenting with Gamma Rays. The Gamma Rays had the effect they did because of his heiratage, and he becomes the Hulk.

There will be an alternate time line where...
  • ... A.) Billy died at the end of Children's Crusade 4, or
B.) Billy went the path of Scarlet Witch after Teddy's death.

There WILL be a Wicked reference at some point.
  • Oh come on! It would be too good to pass up!

Billy will Geek Out over Kid!Loki
After all, he showed an immense interest in Norse Mythology and he'll probably also bond over having another magic-user on the team with him.

The reason why Tommy isn't in the new Young Avengers volume...
  • He joined the official New Avengers lineup.
  • He was kidnapped and will be featured in Marvel's Avengers Arena.
  • He's on the run with Magneto or Pietro after the events of Avengers Vs X-Men. He did seem to bond with them much more than Billy!
  • He's joined the Runaways to be Molly's new Big Brother Mentor.
  • He's in the middle of a 10-Minute Retirement and will join them later.
    • He couldn't stand the Kaplans and moved out. Kieron Gillen announced he would appear in #6.

Loki will become Billy's Big Brother Mentor
Loki will realize Billy's potential and try to groom him as a servant/paun at his disposal by mentoring him in magic, only to reluctantly become fond of Billy and genuinely try to help him grow out of being a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.

To go with the above, the Young Avengers will become Loki's Morality Pets
Loki will slowly Become the Mask of the "mischevious and lovable godling" and might even perform a real, if reluctant, Heel-Face Turn. After all, he wouldn't be the first Avenger to do so!
  • Maybe not so reluctant - my reading of Loki's actions in JIM, as heartbreaking as they ended up being, seemed entirely in hopes of putting himself in a position where he can become a better person. But then no one, especially Loki himself, thinks it's going to stick, because Status Quo is God.

Kid Loki is still a kid
Not Kid kid Loki, but a child Loki from another dimension entirely (maybe the one we saw in Vengeance?).

Cassie will come back - evil
Or at least a version of her. The end of Children's Crusade is pretty implicitly Iron Lad's Start of Darkness, after all, and he clearly has a somewhat obsessive thing for Cassie. Combine that with the fact he's never had any compunctions about screwing around with the timeline (as noble as his intentions were at first), and I absolutely expect to see him pop up with a dark version of her at some point in the future.
  • While certainly possible, the odds took a recent dip when Billy brought back a version of Teddy's foster mother. And she turned out to be evil.

Loki and Miss America will eventually have a Slap-Slap-Kiss relationship
Ghost!Kid Loki who's technically part of Loki's conscience, seems to indicate that he's interested in her when he teases Loki about how Miss America is into him. Miss America in turn may eventually warm up to Loki while still having the sense not to take any crap from him.
  • Alternately, they'll just become platonic Vitriolic Best Buds since Loki being in the body of a child would Squick out a number of people.
    • And that's not even going into the fact that Loki may have the body of a child, but he has the mind of a much older man. Any way it would be handled, a romance involving him would be... problematic.

The Crossover theories
Gillen said that there is only one place in his planned run, where he might do a crossover between this series and another one - around issues #13 and #14. Which means that, unless it's going to be a crossover with Avengers Arena (which will, coincidentally, ending around the same time), Mother plotline will be solved since then or in crossover, because, considering her spell preventing adults from noticing these kids have a problem to solve, it would be hard to cross the series with anything else.

Kid Loki will regain his body with help from Billy's magic
In the Siege event, Loki was revealed to be impersonating Scarlet Witch because of a spell from Billy. His magic/reality browsing ability can be manipulated into revealing that Loki has Grand Theft Me his younger self and giving the younger self control again.
  • Kieron Gillen made it clear that Kid Loki was well and truly dead after the ends of Everything Burns, but that was a case of Torch the Franchise and Run, as he knew leaving Kid Loki alive would inevitably cause someone else to write him back into villainy. Since he got to keep control of Kid Loki, does that mean he could change his mind?

Billy go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge because of Tommy's kidnapping
Remember that Teddy being in trouble made him knock out an entire terrorist cell by accident. Tommy being in trouble will give Billy a chance to show his Big Brother Instinct for once.

Cliffhanger from issue #8 is a Secret Test of Character
While I don't mind David being gay or bi I think here he is just trying to make Hulkling get over his doubts about his love for Billy. If there is one place where subconscious spell should stop working is dimensions apart from it's source and in the lair or being who can block that magic. Teddy will freak out because he cannot be unfaithful to Billy and David will point out that means his love is true.

Loki will end up controlled by the Mother
They just met Leah who's technically a teenager and technically Loki's creation/daughter and since the actual age of the minor(Loki) or nature of parenthood(Scarlet Witch, Miss America) doesn't seem to matter...
  • Depending on the nature of the Mother's power and what constitutes a "parent", it's probably unlikely, since whatever Loki's role in Leah's creation was, it was clear that he had romantic feelings towards her, thus precluding any parental ones. However, Loki, or at least his former self, has fathered several children in the Marvel universe. It's likely his reincarnation as a child (or simply his nature) that somehow impedes the Mother's ability to control him.

Wanda subconsciously chose the families into which Billy and Tommy were born.
The twins' backgrounds oddly reflect her own background and parentage: Billy was born into the Kaplan family, honoring her father's Jewish heritage and Tommy was born into less-than-comfortable circumstances, with popular fan theory that he's at least part-Romani, honoring her mother's Romani heritage.

Loki's ultimate plan is to redeem himself
From the events of Journy Into Mystery, Loki seems to have come full-circle and destroyed any chance of redemption through the murder of his young self. But by now he's sick and tired of being the villain, which he now realizes is a doomed and static state of being. Loki wants to break out of his role, but knows that any attempt of pulling a full Heel-Face Turn would fall flat on its face due to narrative causality. He therefore put himself into the role of morally-ambiguous mentor to a Reality Warper and his friends, the only people who could conceivably help him break out of his role. Through their influence and his place among a team of white hats, Loki can finally change himself and his role in the Marvel Universe for good.

Billy will voluntarily give up his powers
After all the trouble caused by his powers and the stupid decisions he's made with them not to mention they were the reason why Loki manipulated him into summoning Mother, so Loki could eventually get close enough to Billy to steal them for himself and especially after seeing all of the terrible alternate futures his powers may cause, Billy will decide that he'd be happier and the world would be safer if he gave up his powers for good. After learning what Loki's ultimate plan was, he'll do this in front of Loki to drive in the fact that someone can be happier without incredible power and that Loki has failed in getting what he wanted from Billy. It will also progress naturally from his decision in The Avengers: Children's Crusade to give up crime fighting altogether and with the addition of Prodigy, who has lost his powers as well, he has proof that he can live without his powers while still being part of the super hero community.

The series will end with a Pyrrhic Victory for Loki
He may end up getting Wiccan's god-like powers for himself and controlling the flow of magic, but getting there will require losing his teammates (which he may realize too late were actually important to him), the corruption and possible death of Leah, and finally he may realize that he's only trapped himself in yet another cycle of Ragnarok where he's doomed yet again to see his home and people destroyed, when he might have avoided getting trapped in his villainous role altogether.
  • Confirmed, but completely differently In the end Loki defeats evil Leah and actually becoems a hero, but at the cost of coming clear about all his manipulations an having to finally face his guilt over Kid Loki's death and the shame forces him out of the team.

The individual that knocked out/killed the Living Tribunal?
The honest to badness Devil of the Marvel Multiverse. For those not in the know, New Avengers #8 has The Living Tribunal passed out, or possibly outright killed. Since he's second in power and rank to The One Above All , and so high-up that he doesn't care what Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet does, what could even knock him out? Either something really WRONG is happening with The Multiverse, or there's a being on The Tribunal's level who hasn't appeared. Fear Itself has established that there is a Devil who's been gone so long nobody is sure he ever existed, and that his throne is something no demon dare sit on. This includes beings such as Mephisto and Dormammu. Any Devil with that street cred is one of the most powerful beings in all of Marvel, and probably the only one who stands a chance of even knocking out The Living Tribunal. What role he, she or it has been playing in the chaos across the multiverse is unknown, but whatever the case be afriad. Be very afraid.

Tommy is trapped inside Patriot's suit

America is actually an alternate construct of Billy's.
She knows a lot more about Billy than she's letting on and a preview flashback reveals that she had a copy of Billy's costume as a child. Kieron Gillen has stated that the final two issues of his run will reveal a major secret about her that will change the reader's perception about her.
  • Jossed, in that Billy-as-Demiurge creates her home dimension and thus the Demiurge is revered as a god there. Thus America idolised him. She ran away from home after her two mothers died.
Billy introduced Loki to Wicked
  • Billy is canonically fond of musicals and probably figured Wicked was perfect for Loki. It seems to have made some kind of impact on the God of Mischief since he's seen singing one of its songs in the shower in Loki: Agent of Asgard.
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