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Awesome: Young Avengers
  • The team against Kang, including Kate's one on one showdown with the tyrant wielding only a sword and longbow!
  • The Young Avengers and New Avengers vs. the Skrull Empire vs. the Kree Empire for the fate of Hulkling.
  • The X-Men wake up from the magical sleep Wanda put them in during the C.C arc, and seem just about ready to lynch her in retribution for making mutants an endangered species. Being officially fed up with their behavior, the Maximoff twins give their leader Cyclops one hell of a What the Hell, Hero? speech. Speed points out that, with all three of the people she'd killed breathing again, the most damage Wanda actually caused was de powering a bunch of people, and how the X-Men want revenge instead of justice. When Cyclops argues that they can't just take Wanda back because of her actions, Billy actually puts his fanboy knowledge to good use by calling the whole team hypocrites. He points out how they've accepted thieves, murderers, terrorists, and high ranking members of evil organizations into their ranks, and how at least half of everyone there became brainwashed and crazy or manipulated into fighting against the good guys. Before, there's no telling how far the X-Men might've gone. By the time the arc is resolved, they walk away without doing anything, and Rouge is telling Wanda not to worry. That Cyclops will come around eventually. It's especially telling that Wolvenrine left too, considering how extreme he's acted the whole time. Keep in mind, these are teenagers!
  • Kate Bishop being given Clint Barton's bow & codename of Hawkeye, after impressing Captain America enough in battle that he felt she would do Clint's legacy justice.
  • Hulkling posing as Hank Pym to free the captured superhumans during the Civil War event.
  • Clint Barton officially passing the torch to Kate in the Young Avengers Presents miniseries.
  • Wiccan has one in his backstory: after years of being bullied for being gay, he finally stands up to the bully when he chooses a new target. After the bully turns on him, he ELECTROCUTES HIM and runs away.
  • Kate defeating both Psychofor Hire Bullseye (posing as Hawkeye for the Dark Avengers) and Punisher rip-off the Executioner during the Dark Reign: Young Avengers mini
  • Wiccan, Enchantress and Coat of Arms using their combined magic to throw the Sentry into another dimension.
  • Patriot's Shut Up, Hannibal! speech to Norman Osborn, before punching him so hard he breaks his hand. Even Osborn was stunned by how much damage the Iron Patriot Powered Armor took.
    • Hell, this is one for the whole team - The Young Avengers managed to beat the Young Masters & Dark Avengers so badly that the Young Masters just fled mid-battle, and Norman Osborn ordered his team of criminals to retreat, remarking as he left:
    Iron Patriot: This didn't happen, this officially doesn't count in Avengers history.
  • Billy putting the entire group of the Sons of the Serpent in a coma purely because they'd taken Teddy hostage.
  • One of the teaser images for the new series is Miss America knocking Loki out. Her introduction into the series has her interrupting his spell and threatening to tear Loki's head off.
    • Can we just say Miss America, full stop? Far from whatever point Vengeance was trying to make, she's totally flourished in YA.
  • Issue 4 of Volume 2, features a excellently design two page splash shown as a floor plan with a key a few close up panels, with Noh-Varr jumping off his space ship through a window, tearing through enemies that just last issue took down th rest of the team, opening up his own pocket dimension storage to grab a record, put it on the near DJ table, break through another window on the other side of the building and while falling onto his ship, that Kate flies to catch him, he frees the other members on the opposite of the room and end it with saying the line below with his back to them.
    Noh-Varr: Come with me if you want to be awesome.
  • Issue #7: Loki fails to track down whoever kidnapped Tommy, only for Miss America to step up and effortlessly opens a portal using the stars on her jacket and necklace and the star tattoos on her wrists.
    Miss America: Let's move.
    Kate: Who are you?
    Miss America: Your ticket to the multiverse, princess.
  • Despite being hopelessly outgunned when in Mother's home dimension, Prodigy was still able to rescue Teddy and buy them time for a rescue by throwing up his hands and shouting some magic words at her.
  • Prodigy warns that the twisted versions of Exterminatrix have black holes for heads, only for Miss America to cut him off and effortlessly destroy them. Her response?
    Miss America: The laws of physics can kiss my ass.
  • Volume 2, Issue 11: The adult heroes can't see the problem, so David calls in some backup - the other teenage heroes. All of them.
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