Heartwarming / VeggieTales

  • In the VeggieTales Christmas Special, "The Star of Christmas," a pair of Victorian playwrights, played by Bob and Larry, try to write and produce a huge-budget, toe-tapping, lightbulb-covered musical that will "teach London how to love." Cue about a half hour of them screwing it all up. They finally get thrown in jail for stealing the titular "Star of Christmas," a famous artifact housed at a church. Their cellmate, a grouchy old scallion... thing named Mr. Pincher, mocks their attempts to teach an entire city to love, and gives them his very cynical yet surprisingly accurate view of human nature. Towards the end, their lesson is learned: Substance beats flash any day. The special ends with the two going to the jail with a plate of cookies, a wreath, and a gift for Mr. Pincher. Bob's character, Cavis Appythart, sums up their selfless, genuine deed with a simple "Merry Christmas," and the old grouch smiles a genuine smile for what seems like the first time in his life. Cue waterworks, and Lisa Vischer, the creator's wife, singing a gorgeous rendition of "O Come O Come Emmanuel." * sigh* I never knew talking vegetables could be so moving...
  • An Easter Carol:
    • "Hope's Song". The glass windows were a beautiful touch in helping to tell the story, making it all the more heartbreaking when the wrecking ball goes into them and Nezzer realizes the errors of his ways.
    • When Mr. Nezzer wakes up on Easter morning and realizes that he can still fix things, he's about to head out to the church. He then runs back to wish his grandmother happy Easter, and takes care to bring Hope's music box with him instead of leaving her behind.
  • The homecoming from The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's. It's no mistake that Larry calls it, "The happiest of happy endings."
  • A Snoodle's Tale has to be one of, if not the most beautiful and heartwarming episode of the series. Even its Silly Song (Sport Utility Vehicle) is really sweet.
  • Most conversations between Junior and his dad are this.
    Dad Asparagus: I love you, little mister.
    Junior: I love you, big mister!
  • The Penniless Princess:
    • Sara, recognizing the homeless child's need was greater than her own, gives him the bread she just bought from the baker. This being a fairly faithful adaptation of A Little Princess, when we see the child next, the baker has adopted him.
    • The scene where Mr. Carrisford finally realizes who Sara is, and that his search is over.
  • The End of Silliness, which follows Silly Songs' cancellation in Madame Blueberry, has Larry trying desperately to recover from his loss. Until the end, in which Archibald announces the un-cancellation of Silly Songs thanks to a fan petition. Larry brightens up considerably after this.
  • From Merry Larry and the Light of Christmas, we get the song The Light of Christmas from Owl City and TobyMac.
  • The end song to The Wonderful World of Auto-Tainment.
  • The Thankful Song. In "Madame Blueberry", we see a little girl in a poor family. All she gets for her birthday is a little apple pie. Is she sad? Nope.
    I thank God for this day/For the sun in the sky/For my Mom and my Dad/For my piece of apple pie/For our home on the ground/For His love that's all around/That's why I say thanks everyday.
    • Meta: That little girl? Was voiced by the creator's daughter. Though she's long since outgrown the role, the track will remain.
  • "Beauty and the Beet" has several sweet aspects. First off, Mirabelle, the Belle stand-in, has a family that she obviously adores, from her doting daddy (played by Larry) to her sisters, who are poster children for the message of the episode which is "God loves us whether we deserve it or not so we should love others even when they're not lovable themselves." Next are the songs throughout, which are meaningful on platonic and romantic levels. And finally is the friendship that Mirabelle develops with Mr. Beet, the "beast" of the story; they become so close that her family leaving is heartbreaking for them both and he ultimately risks his life saving Mirabelle and her family, proving the worth of himself to the world and the validity of his hotel's improvements. Ultimately Mirabelle and her family are hired on permanently, becoming Mr. Beet's family.
  • Junior's "My Day" song
  • Minor, but at the end of "The Fib From Outer Space", Junior ashamedly asks his parents if he's gonna be punished for breaking the bowling plate and lying about it. His parents decide that almost being eaten by a monster as a direct consequence was punishment enough and instead opt to forgive him.
    • Before that, Junior tells his dad that he's really sorry about the plate and his dad says "Oh, Junior. You should know you're more important to me than any silly plate."
  • The Call-Back in "Wizard of Ha's" to Junior and his dad's first appearance.
    Dad: I love you, Little Mister.
    Junior: And I love you, Big Mister.