Funny / VeggieTales

  • In The Toy that Saved Christmas, one of Buzz-Saw Louie's many catchphrases is "Billy has more toys than you!", leading to this exchange when all the kids go to beg their parents for Buzz-Saw Louie dolls:
    Kid: Billy has more toys than me!
    Dad: (visibly confused) Who's Billy?
    Kid: I don't know, but he has more toys than me!
    • Also, after Bob, Larry, and Junior crash their sled into the snow. Bob is stuck in the snow upside down.
    Bob: Mousetrap.
    Larry: What?
    • This later gets a Shoutout in "The Story of St. Nicholas" where, after a wild chase scene involving the origin of Santa's sleigh, Nicholas expresses thankfulness for the snow, wished into existence by Larry. When Larry remarks on this to Bob, who's in the same position as the above scene, the latter mutters "Mousetrap..."
    • This gem right here after Buzzsaw Louie manages to cut the ropes that were tying him and the others.
    Buzzsaw Louie: Alright, now anyone with hands, start tying!
    Bob, Larry, and Junior: *beat*
    Buzzsaw Louie: That would be me.
    • Also, during the Christmas Spectacular, Larry breaks the news to Bob:
    Larry: It's about the film, Bob.
    Bob: (Cautiously) ...What about the film, Larry?
    Larry: ...I can't find it.
    Bob: ...What did you say?
    Larry: The film. I can't find it. I looked everywhere! It's just... Gone!
    Bob: ...Larry?
    Larry: ...Yeah, Bob?
    Bob: ...This is network television.
    Larry: I know. (Smiles stupidly at the camera)
    Larry: Uh... Pretty hard?
    Pa Grape: Hey, what's going on?
    Bob: (Makes the same sound)
    • Then there's the ending.
    Pa Grape: Great news everybody, I've got the network on the phone. They say they love the film!
    Bob & Larry: (Cheering)
    Bob: What channel were they watching? You mean they missed the whole thing?!
    Pa Grape: Ahhh. Maybe it's better that way.

  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.
    Mr. Lunt: I think you look like Cap'n Crunch.
    Pa Grape: Huh? No, I don't!
    Mr. Lunt: Do too.
    Pa Grape: Do not!
    Mr. Lunt: You're making me hungry.
    Pa Grape: Alright, that's it! You're walking the plank!
    Mr. Lunt: Oh yeah? Says who?
    Pa Grape: Says the captain, THAT'S who!
    Mr. Lunt: Oh yeah? Aye Aye, Cap'n Crunch! Hee hee hee hee!
    Pa Grape: AAARGH! *starts chasing Mr. Lunt*
    Mr. Lunt: YIKES!
    • Larry's verse. All of it. Not only does it have nothing to do with pirates, it makes so little sense that it's just hilarious.
    And I've never licked a spark plug
    And I've never sniffed a stink bug
    And I've never painted daisies
    On a big red rubber ball
    And I've never bathed in yogurt
    And I don't look good in leggings...
    • Followed immediately by Pa Grape's response:
    Pa Grape: You just don't get it.
  • The Silly Song "Endangered Love". Larry + Manatee plushie = Pure hilarity.
    • What really sold it was Bob's reaction. "Maybe you should read a book..."
    • "But now I must go into the world and do noble things for the good of all! And you can't come because you don't speak French."
  • The lampshading of the lack of appendages in Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly.
    "THE FEET!"
  • Esther...The Girl Who Became Queen: "The punishment should be...banishment to The Island of Perpetual Tickling!"note 
  • "His Cheeseburger." It's a love song about a cheeseburger. As you may expect from the series, it is nothing less than a barrel of laughs. It's also not the only love story between a guy and a cheeseburger.
  • "Did you say trouble?" And the scene with the head scallion immediately afterwards.
  • In Madame Blueberry, when Bob and Larry are hysterically crying over the outcome of the story:
    Larry: Hold me, Bob.
    Bob: I would if I could, man!
  • Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed, lampshading the show's cast of plants:
    Laura: You? You're a talking weed!
    Rumor Weed: I'm a talking weed, you're a talking carrot. Your point was?
    *Laura and Jr. give each other a look*
    • Not to mention the design of the Rumor Weed itself.
  • In the song, "Donuts for Benny," when said dog eats too many donuts, he begins singing and tossing Mr. Lunt around!
    "Waltz me around again, baby,
    Around, around, around!
    These donuts are dreamy, their filling is creamy,
    Oh, don't let my feet touch the ground!
    I feel like a ship on an ocean of joy!
    I just want to holler out loud, 'Ship ahoy!'
    Waltz me around again, baby!
    Around, around, around!"
  • The various ways Bob tries to avoid listening to the "What We Have Learned Today" song, only to fail every time. In fact the closest he ever came was cutting Larry off in "Rack, Shack, and Benny" when he was in the sink:
    Larry: (singing) You see we know that God's word is for everyone, and now that our song is done, we'll take a- *Bob turns on the sink* HEY! That's cold!
    • The best part is the evil smile on Bob's face right before he turns the sink on.
  • "The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill And Came Down With All the Bananas". The whole thing, but the ending in particular. After the Englishman and the Swede refusing to share with each other leads to an awkward silence, the silence is finally broken by one of the inhabitants of one of the hills:
    Philippe: You guys are not so bright!
    • It gets even better afterwards when they try working a lesson into it. They can't even figure out how to turn Qwerty on, and start using keyboard combinations in a vain attempt to power it on. They finally just give up and hold up a piece of cardboard that has "Don't Be Selfish" written on it.
    • There's also Bob's reaction when he chews out Jimmy and Jerry, mainly for matching how the audience likely felt toward the story.
    Bob: You can't end a show like that, it's way too short! The story was kind of... well... I don't know...
  • All of Paco's stories. All of them.
  • Larry's part of the theme song:
    Sweet and sour!
  • The Silly Song "Monkey".
    • When they finally find what they're looking for: A cow.
    Larry: It's a monkey!
    Bob: Larry, that's a cow.
    Captions: NOT A MONKEY
    • On the commentary, they reveal that the song was written based on the writer's experience of hearing the statement "If it's got a tail, it's a monkey; if it doesn't have a tail, it's an ape." and having his mind go to all the ways this could be taken wrong.
  • Mr. Lunt being forced into playing Ophelia. "I think we're going to get letters about this."
  • When the house is about to break under its weight in "Madame Blueberry", Bob and the title character both grab motorized shopping carts to race back. Larry hops into a small basket and makes very slow sliding movements. The Flat "What." look on one of the poor family's faces is simply priceless.
    • From the same scene, Bob wonders out loud if his cart can go any faster. He notices a red button and pushes it, tilting back expecting turbo speed... Until it turns out it just prints a pizza coupon. His reaction is probably the greatest Aside Glance ever.
  • Oh, Santa. Particularly, how Larry lets a viking and a bank robber into his house, but slams the door on an IRS agent. The look he gives the camera after that makes it even better.
    • Then, just as the song is wrapping up, the agent enters through the open door, asks if Larry 'claimed' the last remaining cookie... and snatches it away.
  • Heck, every Silly Song in general.
  • The water buffalo, and Archibald's Political Correctness Gone Mad.
    Archibald: Stop it! Stop right this instant, what do you think you're doing!? You can't say everyone's got a water buffalo when everyone does not have a water buffalo. We're going to get nasty letters saying, "Where's my water buffalo? Why don't I have a water buffalo?" And are you prepared to deal with that? I don't think so! So Stop. being. so. SILLY!
    • And then at the end of the song when Larry begins singing, "Everybody's got a baby kangaroo...", Archibald yells and runs into the scene, tackling Larry.
  • The entire DVD commentary (by Mr. Lunt and Larry) for Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie, from "Socks and Stripes" ("Highly regarded in France", says Mr. Lunt) to the casting of the whale.
  • Jimmy and Jerry Gourd trying to host the show in "King George and the Ducky" while dressed as Bob and Larry is entirely hilarious by itself, which then leads up to this exchange:
    Jimmy: Look, Jerry, er, Larry! In the letter we got from Jimmy who lives near Texas somewhere, he said that his friend Jerry was selfish! That's what it said, remember?
    Jerry: [Now angry, as his Larry mask falls off] You wanna piece of me?!?
    Jimmy: Hey! Whoa! Aw, man! You're the one that said 'Jerry'! I was gonna-
    Bob: Hey! What's going on in there?!?
    [Jimmy and Jerry become afraid when they hear Bob's voice, while Jerry worriedly looks around before putting his mask back on, upside-down.]
    Larry: Yeah! What are you guys doing?!?
    Jimmy: Uh, hi! I'm Bob the Tomato!
    Jerry: And I'm not selfish!
  • During The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown, the countdown machine breaks down, and Pa Grape tells Larry and Mr. Lunt to make up a song to stall for time while he tries to fix it. They decide to make a song out of a Chinese takeout menu. The result must be seen to be believed.
    • The "fortune cookie" at the end:
    Larry [reading]: "Beware of grape with wooden mallet."
  • "The Forgive-o-Matic". Especially the end, where the scallion proceeds to try and sell a Chia Forgive-o-Matic.
  • In The Star Of Christmas, Cavis (Bob) elatedly explains to Millward (Larry) that, "in this modern age", it's important to give audiences what they've never seen before:
    Millward: (Elated gasp) You got a monkey that can yodel!?
    Cavis: No, Millward...
  • The endless parade of gags in the climax of The Star Of Christmas:
    • "Look! We're bankers!"
    • Later:
    Millward: (As he makes a turn) Hey! I think I know a short cut! (As they go off-screen) Through the Crystal Palace!
    Everyone else: (Off-screen) MILLWARD!
    Millward: (Off-screen) Never mind...
    • That gag is even funnier if seen from the script maker's point of view: When everyone was reviewing the script, a page ended right after Millward's first line in that gag, making everyone think they were going to crash through the Crystal Palace, scaring the Big Idea crew (Explaination ). It was so notable that it was brought up again in the King George and the Ducky DVD commentary.
  • The VeggieTown Greetings from Bob and Larry. Highlights include:
    • The VeggieTown Theme Song.
    • In Greeting 5, the following exchange is made:
    Bob: Welcome to VeggieTown! I'm Bob the Tomato,
    Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber! I'm running for president!
    Bob: You can't run for president!
    Larry: Why not?
    Bob: Well, y-you're a cucumber!
    Bob: He was not a peanut! He was a peanut farmer!
    Larry: Oh.
    Bob: Besides, you can't run for president with a shoe on your head!
    • Larry's Campaign song.
    Larry: Vote for me! Vote for me! Vote for me vote for me vote for me-
    Bob: Eeeh, that's not very catchy, Larry. Besides, you have to tell people why they should vote for you.
    Larry: No problem! How's This? Vote for me! Or you'll be sorry! Cause I'll put mustard in your oatmeal andmakenoiseslikeasickcatwhile you're trying to sleep!
    Bob: F-f-f-forget the song, Larry. What's your platform?
    • Larry's Badge.
    Larry: I probably should pin it on my shirt except for I'm not wearing a shirt. I guess I could put it on my- OW!!! Forget that.
  • Charlie Pincher's cameos in The Ballad of Little Joe. All three times, he is shown on a mountainside overlooking Dodgeball City as someone/some veggies are yelling/being very loud. We hear an echo of the yell, which causes a cascade of dodgeballs to fall on him, trashing everything he set up. Even funnier? The last time, the hot dog he was cooking somehow still stands!
  • "The Blues with larry": Blind Lemon Lincoln, attempting to get Larry to sing the Blues properly, sings this:
    Lincoln: My sweet creamy icecream, I DON'T CARE ABOUT NO COOOKIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!! *smashes Larry's cookie with guitar* Now try it again.
  • When bit-character Lutfi, "The teensy-weensy cucumber"note  tells the story of Maewynn Succat, who would later become St. Patrick, we get this gem:
    Lutfi: Maewynn grew up as a normal little boy. He went to school, he played, he went to church. And, he was captured by pirates.
    Maewynn Succat: Wait a minute. That's not normal!
    Lutfi: If you were too normal, you would not have a holiday named after you!
    Maewynn Succat: Good point.
    • Maewyn is also not enthusiastic about his birth name or the rename to Pigboy. The latter prompts a comment about how "Maewyn Succat has a rather nice ring to it."
  • In the opening countertop segment for Noah's Ark, Bob and Larry lampshade the redesigns they've been given (they're the same designs as the base-breaking VeggieTales in the House series). Larry then says they have to address the elephant in the room, as if to outright say they have new designs... only to actually address a real elephant.
  • The Animated Outtakes to Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie are undoubtedly hilarious, in the vein of Pixar's outtakes.
    • Case in point: When Dad Asparagus is steering the runaway bus in the opening, a certain someone is in place of the underwear on the clothesline:
    LarryBoy: Hey, guys! What's up?
  • The Digital Dailies are basically a roll of footage of the digital rendering process and mistakes during the Jonah movie — with Larry, Mr. Lunt, and Khalil commenting through the entire thing.
    • After seeing an animation error with Junior's eyes:
    Mr. Lunt: "Do we know how to make movies? Actually? We're never gonna get this movie done if we have so many technical and biological difficulties."
    • After seeing another animation error with Laura's mouth suddenly growing unnaturally large:
    Also Mr. Lunt: "Was she animated by some Ren and Stimpy animator or somethin', what's that all about?"
    • After seeing Pa Grape in all black:
    Mr. Lunt: "See, this is why you shouldn't film on Johnny Cash day."
    • Also during the digital dailies, Larry and Mr. Lunt take a dig at Disney:
    Larry: "Our next movie could be Khalil and the Magic Cheese Curl. Would that be a good one?"
    Khalil: "I think that will be a wonderful idea."
    Mr. Lunt: "Sounds too much like The Smurfs to me."
    Larry: (starts singing in tune to A Whole New World): "A Whole New Cheese Curl..."
    Mr. Lunt: (starts to sing the same tune) "Don't hold your curl."
    Khalil: (starts protesting) "You are making fun of me!"
    Larry: (starts singing in tune to Part of Your World): "I want to be part of that cheese curl!"
  • Toward the end of Dance of the Cucumber, after Bob assumes that Larry is making fun of him for unable to sing, he gets mad and starts chasing after Larry, saying, "Alright, that's it, señor! Come over here and let me sing you a song!"
    • This song is tied to 2 Real Life funny moments. The first involves the inspiration for the song's creation; Phil Vischer's wife would always playfully mock him whenever she had to translate Spanish music for him so he eventually wrote the song with that in mind. The second involved a discussion about how hard this song was to translate into other languages with the Spanish edition being sung backwards with Bob and Larry swapping languages.
  • "Oh Santa" was inspired by a song from the opera "Kiss of the Spider Woman". The crew finds this hysterical.
  • In "Sumo of the Opera," during the song right after Scallion (Larry) accepts a challenge from Apollo Gourd, the choir mentions that "a good doctor he'll need." The blink-and-you-miss-it look of "Wait, a WHAT?" on Scallion's face is priceless.
  • The Hopperena.
    Jean Claude: I am embarrassed for you.
  • The VeggieTales version of On Top Of Old Smokey has the characters making hilarious comments after each verse of the song.
  • Elloit's 'Afraid Of' list, especially when it's revealed that Elliot is afraid of Buzzsaw Louie!
    Banana Crepes,
    Seedless grapes,