Fanfic Recs: VeggieTales

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Here are some recommendations made by Tropers for VeggieTales Fan Fics. Feel free to add to the list.

Business Chaos by larryboyrocks9000
  • Recommended by: katrinahood
  • Synopsis: In the process of making a new Larry-Boy movie, the Veggietales crew hire a new member named Leon, a gourd who becomes popular instantly. Larry gets jealous, but eventually finds out that it was just a trap for Leon to get a hold of Veggietales in order to make it give bad messages to children. Larry has to find a way to save the company before it's too late.
  • Comments: Well written and spelled correctly. Idea was original, although at some parts, it got a little dark for a K+ written fanfiction.

Timely Love Stories by Comment person
  • Recommended by: Iheartgod175
  • Pairings: Larry/Petunia, with some Archie/Lovey and Bob/Madame Blue mentions
  • Synopsis:Just a collection of moments between Larry and Petunia over the years. I do not own this franchise, and copyright belongs to the people who work on the show VeggieTales.
  • Comments: One of the best Larry/Petunia fanfics, this is one that helped me start writing stuff for Veggie Tales. Other than a few spelling errors in the stories, they're all very good and will give you your daily dose of Larry/Petunia fluffiness. Each story is a behind the scenes look at the characters of VeggieTales, some even taking place in alternate universes. If you like Larry/Petunia, or just like to see what hijinks the Big Idea gang are up to, this is the story for you.