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  • In King George and the Ducky, though the whole affair is obscenely creepy, what with what happened in the original text and how utterly disturbing it is to see Larry be so awful, hearing that Thomas (played by Junior Asparagus), after being sent to the front lines of the great pie war, wound up single handedly winning the entire war at the cost of his own sanity is just absolutely amazing.
  • "I Can Be Your Friend" at the conclusion of the equally awesome episode "The Gourds Must Be Crazy."
  • Rack, Shack, and Benny:
    • The boys standing firm, refusing to sing a song they have issues with morally. When Nezzer threatens them because of their refusal to sing the song, they sing a child's lullaby instead.
    • When Rack, Shack and Benny are about to be sent to the furnace, Laura tries to rescue them in a sequence that's a shout-out to Star Wars. When taking them away in a truck doesn't work, she immediately goes to unplug the machines. Her efforts ultimately didn't work, but that she tried at all, let alone how hard she tried, was definitely awesome.
    • The sheer fact that Laura stood up to Mr. Nezzer in and of itself is insanely awesome, considering that she's doing what could be roughly described as the equivalent of Daniel standing up to King Nebuchadnezzar after the latter had sentenced Radshack, Meshack, and Abed-nego to death and doing everything in his power to make sure that they escaped their fiery demise. Good Lord, that girl has balls.
    • And then there's the boys' salvation:
    (entire room goes dark, and the fiery red furnace instead glows bright white)
    Mr. Lunt: ...Hey Boss... how many guys did we throw into the furnace?
    Mr. Nezzer: Uh... three?
    Mr. Lunt: Well it looks like four guys in there now, and one of them's reeeeeal shiny.
    (Mr. Nezzer stares at the glowing furnace in terrified awe)
    Mr. Lunt: ...One more thing boss... They ain't burnin' up!
  • "Beauty and the Beet" had the moral of unconditional love. Since it's based on Beauty and the Beast, one could expect them have the Belle stand-in fall in love with the Beast stand-in. However this is completely averted, instead having Mirabelle and Mr. Beet develop an Intergenerational Friendship, something that you likely wouldn't expect to see in a story based on a fairy tale with a plot that requires romance to resolve.
  • In "Larryboy! and the Fib from Outer Space!", when the Larry Mobile transforms into a plane.
    • And the awesome choir music.
  • In the opening of Larry Boy and the Rumour Weed, Percy Pea and Li'l Pea are leaving a cinema in a Shout-Out to the opening of the above episode, and are stalked by a mysterious figure. When they go down an alley, they are suddenly confronted by the figure, who turns out to be a scallion. He asks them to spare a nickel. The peas tell him they shouldn't talk to strangers, and that they don't have any money. The scallion tells them they have a dollar and twenty-eight cents. The peas are startled, as that is the amount of money they have. The scallion explains he has been watching the boys for ages, and knows exactly how much money they have. The peas, frightened now, say that that is their milk money. Cut to the scallion getting away across the rooftop, and the following is epic.
    Scallion: Ha ha! See ya later boys! Hope you like water with your lunches!
    (The scallion starts to run off, laughing. He stops, seeing something offscreen.)
    Scallion: Huh?
    (Cut to a silhouetted Larry Boy against a billboard. He turns the the scallion, who backs up, and Larry Boy comes into the light.)
    Larry Boy: I believe you have something that belongs to those boys.
    (Larry Boy is coming closer, causing the scallion to back up.)
    Scallion: Well, I...
    (Scallion has been backed up to the edge of the roof top. Larry Boy is right in front of him, face to face.)
    Scallion: Who are you?
    Larry Boy: I'm Larry Boy.
    (Larry Boy grabs the scallion with his super suction ear, and jumps onto the edge of the roof.)
    Scallion: What are you going to do?
    Larry Boy: It's not nice to take people's milk money!
    (Larry Boy flips the Scallion upside down. The two peas are down below, watching everything.)
    Scallion: Hey, take it easy pal...don't do anything crazy.....
    (Larry Boy starts shaking the scallion about, causing the milk money to fall in front of the peas the scallion screaming all the while. Once the money is returned, Larry Boy turns the scallion back upright.)
    Scallion: I don't feel so good.
    (Larry Boy takes off with the scallion, who is yelling in protest.)
    • Well, long story short.....the Milk Money bandit is handed over to the police.
    • "Rumor Weed" also has an awesome moment in the song the titular character sings where she states that a rumor can be based on true information; it's the spreading of the message and the hurt it causes that makes it a rumor, not whether the original message was false or not.
  • At the end of Jonah, where Khalil gets tired of Jonah's self-righteousness and Moral Myopia and finally throws down.
    Khalil: Would you look at yourself?! You care more about that weed than about all the people in Nineveh! Why are you here now, instead of back in the belly of that whale? Because God is compassionate—he wanted to help you! And because he is merciful—he gave you a second chance! Has it ever occurred to you that maybe God loves everybody, not just you? That maybe he wants to give everyone a second chance? He saw that those people needed help! That they didn't know right from wrong! And he wanted to help them! And that is why he sent you! And when you told them what they were doing wrong, they said they were sorry! They put down their mackerels and their halibuts and they asked God for a second chance! And by golly, he gave them one! You see? God wants to give everyone a second chance. And so should we.
    • The wording he uses also serves as a Shout-Out, almost certainly intentional, to the first verse of the Fatiha ("In the name of God, the compassionate and merciful..."), which adds another dimension to Khalil's character.
  • Minnesota Cuke has many Indiana Jones references beyond the title, including a shout-out to the propeller boat chase from Last Crusade.