Heartwarming / The Wedding Singer

  • Julia and Robbie kissing in the end and the song before that... awwwwwwwwwwwww.
    • Just Julia's face when she recognizes his voice.
    • Even better has to be her face when he first walks in. It's absolute pure joy.
  • Robbie teaching voice lessons to his elderly friend Rosie, and accepting meatballs (without tupperware) as payment for the lessons.
  • Rosie singing "Till There Was You" to her husband at the anniversary party.
  • Julie and Robbie practice kiss for her wedding but... it doesn't end up looking like a practice kiss.
  • On the plane, Billy Idol and the other first-class passengers all listen sympathetically to Robbie's story and offer him encouragement. Then when it turns out Julia and Glenn are on the plane, they all band together to help Robbie get the girl. Aww...
    • And then, after hearing Robbie's song to Julia, Billy decides to recommend Robbie to his record company so that he may finally fulfill his dream of becoming a professional songwriter (and give Julia financial security).
  • After Julia practices passing herself off as Glenn's wife in the mirror (and crying as a result), she decides to try it as Robbie's wife. The way she just smiles and beams as she says it is adorable.
  • Sammy befriending the senile old man at the bar and teaching him to moonwalk. And the guy tries to defend Robbie from Glenn afterwards
    Old Man: I'm sorry! I used to be a lot stronger.
    • In a Funny Background Event, you can see him in the front row at Robbie and Julia's wedding in full tux. He cleans up nice.