Awesome / The Wedding Singer

  • Opening the film with Sandler singing "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" isn't just an awesome performance, but it perfectly establishes all the characters and the 80's setting by the end of the opening credits.
  • Billy Idol's Crowning Cameo Of Awesome. One particular moment is when he slams the service cart into Glenn.
    Billy Idol (with a smug grin): How're you doing, sir? Chicken or fish?
    Glenn: Get out of my way, Billy, or you're gonna get hurt!
    Billy: Oh yeah?
    (a giant biker, wearing a Billy Idol shirt no less, stands between them)
    (Billy gleefully sticks his tongue out and gives Glenn a jerking off motion as the latter gets shoved into the bathroom by a flight attendant he tried to seduce earlier)
    • And the best part? Even with a whopping thirteen years of rock'n'roll lifestyle between 1985 and 1998, Billy still looked enough like his 1985 self to pull it off convincingly.
  • This line is as awesome a line as you can get out of a bitter ramble:
    Robbie: I have the microphone. And you don't. So you will listen to every damn word I have to say!!
  • Doubles as a Tear Jerker, but "Somebody Kill Me Please" qualifies.
    • Especially since it managed to include a rhyme with "melancholy".
  • What Robbie's nephew says to Linda:
    Petey: Hey, Linda!
    (Linda smiles and waves)
    Petey: You a bitch!
    Robbie: Thanks, Petey. Go back in the house.
    Robbie: He, he, he might have Torrettes's Syndrome. We're looking into it.
    • Then, what Robbie says to Linda later in the film:
    Linda: I can learn to deal with the fact that you're just a wedding singer, not a rock star. I could even learn to deal with...
    Robbie: You can "learn to deal" with that? I don't want you to learn to deal with that. That's not how it works. Jeez!
    Linda: Well, Robbie, maybe we should talk about this when you're feeling better?
    Robbie: Hey, psycho. I'm not gonna feel better about this. It's over. So please get outta my Van Halen T-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up.
    Linda:Oh, okay. So you're still pissed about that wedding thing?
    (cue Gilligan Cut to her outside and Robbie slamming the door in her face)
  • Julia's not taking shit from a singer who mocked Robbie.
    Robbie: Thank you.
    Jimmie Moore: No, thank you!
    Robbie: For what?
    Jimmie Moore: For quitting. [nudges him] Thanks to you my business has tripled... or, should I thank Linda?
    Julia: Well, you've just inspired me to hire a DJ. So thank you.
    Jimmie Moore: Oh. Well, good luck trying to find a DJ who can move and shake like [wriggles back and forth like a snake slithering] THIS!