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Heartwarming: The Secret World
  • The intro of "To Sir With Love." Upon learning that there's a wraith haunting Innsmouth Academy as a result of his early magical experiments, Headmaster Montag decides to kill himself in order to banish it... whereupon Usher and Carter immediately refuse him. Usher and Montag's professional relationship might be eccentric at best, and Carter doesn't have any reason to see him as anything other than a creepy teacher with a habit of giving nightmarish lectures, but they're not ready to let him die- even if it's for a good cause.
    • Unusually for Montag, he actually manages to seem proud of Carter when she admits to knowing the exact details of the sacrifice he's about to perform.
  • A small one, but in Savage Coast, in addition to John Wolf's...wolf, there's a dachshund sleeping in a basket beside him.
  • The Ugly Cute nature of some of the vanity pets can make them extremly endearing, moreso than the normal ones. We're pretty desensitized to adorable cats these days, but replace "cat" with "cat-sized undead moth" or "dog-sized squishy blobby big-headed tentacle thing that jumps up and down," and you get some really weird d'awww moments.
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