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Heartwarming: The Rocketeer
  • In a blink and you'll miss it scene near the end there's these two kids. Both pretending to be the Rocketeer.
  • Valentine, of all people, wishing the Rocketeer good luck.
    • And also the fact that he may not make an honest buck, but he's 100% American.
  • Towards the end, when Hughes asks Cliff what it was like flying with the rocketpack:
    Cliff: It was the closest I'll ever get to heaven, Mr. Hughes. (glances at Jenny) Well... maybe not.
    • So after all Cliff did, Howard Hughes gives him a new Gee Bee airplane in the end.
    Cliff: I didn't even get a chance to thank him.
    Peevey: You don't have to, son. He saw the look on your face.
  • And even before that, right before the Final Battle, as Cliff prepares to fly away to the airship...
    Valentine: Go get 'em, kid.
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