Heartwarming / The Megas

  • The Message from Doctor Light has two:
    • The repeated chanting of "they call you hero, I call you my son"
    • "...but the burning in your heart I did not put there".
  • "Continue" is a much more downbeat one, but qualifies nonetheless:
    If it was up to you, and you knew that'd you'd lose... If it was up to you, I know you'd always choose to continue.
  • The people in Hard Man's town admire and adore him. They cheer for him when he fights, tell him to throw in the towel so he'll live when he's losing, and swear that he'll be remembered as a legend forever when he finally falls.
  • "I Refuse To Believe": Mega Man finally breaking himself out of the downward spiral he was stuck in, and telling both Doctor Light and Proto Man that You Are Better Than You Think You Are.
    (to Doctor Light): Betrayal and mistakes / Have made you lose faith / But you've come too far to turn around / There's too much at stake / You need to see the light again / To open the door / When I come back we'll start again / The way it was before!
    (to Proto Man): And now you want to know / What you're supposed to be / Stop pretending you don't have a choice / Only that can set you free / And now you want to burn the world / Into the ground / This rage is not your destiny / It's holding you down!
    (to himself): I refuse to believe / That I'm nothing more than a machine / I refuse to believe / That we can't learn to see / The truth was in a dream / I will not kill / No, I will believe!
  • After spending the entirety of "History Repeating" full of nothing but anger, resentment, and blame, Proto Man finally moves on in "Melody From the Past," forgives Doctor Light, and urges Mega Man to let their creator off the hook for his mistakes as well.
    "Do not blame father, he is only a man."
    • In the same song, when Proto Man decides to take control of his destiny:
    Though my fate is broken, my path I cannot see / Though you are the chosen, I'll make my own history.
  • Needle Man's song has a similar outcome that's pretty tear-jerking, as well. After lamenting his fate, as well as everything about himself, a part of him realizes the anger, as well as the rest of him is who he is, but he's no longer afraid of himself. He resolves that if that's who he is, he'll simply fight against himself, to the very end.
  • The song "Fly on a Dog" is mostly Megaman lamenting his fate, and seemingly demanding to know why he replaced the Item system with another sentient robot sent straight into the fray like Megaman himself was. But then he begins to realize that Rush was intended not just as a tool carelessly thrown out to him, but as a partner to help see him through the fight. Both physically and emotionally.